...It's Time To Wake Up!..

Hey folks, don’t you remember when—as a child—you would question just about everything  and you’d keep on nagging until you got a reasonable answer…and how you would think nothing of kicking up a ruckus if you didn’t like the pathetic answer you were fed just to keep you quiet, cuz at least you knew you were not an idiot, and so didn’t take kindly to other people treating you like one?  You were fearless about such things, and would even go to war over it in the playground.  Well what happened that you no longer feel the need to do that anymore? 


Well I had a question: What’s all this crap about global warming, and what’s with all this unseasonably bad weather in the UK?  A question many are asking right now.  Well, if you want an HONEST answer, I’ll point you in the RIGHT direction.  The rest is up to you.  And when you’ve found it, ‘Spreading the word’ would help highlight the problem, and so force the solution, like outing those who are doing it to us; flooding peoples’ homes, ruining their lives and livelihoods!!!  If nobody speaks out then, trust me, things are going to get much much worse! It’s time to recognise the Elephant in the room.


Here are three clues: HARRP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), TTA (Tesla tech array) and CHEMTRAILS…and NO, it not a conspiracy theory; it’s REAL And has been going on for years, and all western governments are complicit!  Even the weather forecasters know.  How come you don’t?  Because the traitors who serve the system won’t tell you, that’s why!  These links show you just the tip if the iceberg.  Keep in mind, for instance, the fact that 5-6000 airliners pass through UK airspace every day--50,000 in the US! The more they block out the sunlight, the more depressed and weak-willed everyone becomes while the perpetrators grow stronger jumping a plane to sunnier climes at our expense.


Oh yeah, that’s it; you feel powerless now don’t ya, thinking, well, haven’t I got enough to be worryin about as it is; and anyway, what can I do about it?  Well, times that sentiment by about, say, 63,000,000 and you’ll realise why--despite the lies the State Media feeds you--the United Kingdom has now become  the failed nation it is, on the brink of economic and moral collapse—like so many other nations of the world.  And what this shows you is that you were a more relevant force then as a ‘kid’ than you are now as an adult.  And people wonder why kids don’t respect their parents; it’s because, subconsciously, they know they are they are being failed by the very people who should have been actively looking out for their future—you know the future I mean, the one they don’t have anymore now that their parents have allowed rich, power-hungry, lying, thieving, murdering criminals, like politicians, bankers…and the military, who back and protect their asses in the process of ripping the rest of us off as we sleep walk our way into debt slavery, depression and the chronic illnesses inflicted upon us by the very people we employ and trust to govern and safeguard the things we treasure so greatly—our jobs, property, Freedom, safety, heath, privacy…not to mention our children’s future.


It’s time to reflect not only on who you are now, but upon who you once were before you thought you no longer had any power or influence, and so allowed yourself to be pacified by the tranquilising effects of either booze, tv sport, gambling, computer games and other more direct forms of pointless drudgery. That’s precisely what the Global Elite wanted you to do!  How could you have allowed yourself to be so predictable, such easy prey?


If you are worried about what you stand to lose if you spoke out and stood your ground; well, I’ve got news for ya…they are gonna take it all anyway, in every way they can think of; taxes, licences, new automatic fines, and new laws to impose them; inflation, deindustrialisation, fuel price hikes, poisonous chemicals in food, mind-numbing and deadly pharmaceuticals, airborne viruses and poisonous metals freely delivered to you via chemtrails.  Less, if any, social benefits…such as health care. Then there’s the constant surveillance, internet and other forms of censorship, no free speech, no legal process of judicial appeal for any of the above—unless your well loaded. And if you didn't know all this by now then it just shows you how fast asleep you’ve been. 


Wakey wakey!  Unplug the air-freshener and smell the rot, the decay all around you.


If you think you are somehow immune, maybe because you have  a little cash stashed away somewhere, then you’re kidding yourself; they’ve already destroyed the middle classes in most industrialised nations—especially the UK!—and now they’re hitting the offshore account holders worldwide. So you’d be wrong; none of us are immune, not in this globalist, elitist, one-world governing dictatorship with a cartel of only seven sitting at the very top of its lofty sumit! 


But if you only knew the power of a single thought!  Just like a drop of rain: when coupled with a myriad other drops who can withstand the natural flood that quite naturally ensues.


The weapon the globalists fear most is just that…your individual ‘thoughts’, not your physical actions; hence the leisurely diversions and the PC thought police!  Come on, don’t you get it yet?  A thought is a ‘prayer’—whether you believe in religion or not—and prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against what is befalling the so-called civilised world right now.  Everything we create and destroy stems from a single thought, and the collaboration of others’ thoughts in sympathy with it—like fashion?  Has it clicked with you yet?  Has the light come on?  It’s like any investment; once there’s enough currency, the rest of business will look after itself!


You can do it in private; no one else even has to know, and then you can at least satisfy yourself with the fact that you did do something to help not only yourself but your children, your friends and  others of our society and the wider world, in the fight against those who know so very well what I am conveying to you now.  The enemies of freedom and democracy know that once they control your mind, the body will fall.


The snowball of ‘change’ started rolling downhill in 2012, and it’s now gathering pace, growing larger by the day.  You need to be prepared for when it comes bowling through your life situation--cuz believe me, it will!


Tony Knight.