What of the Earth Spirit?

If we remain unaware of the true state of our World's social and political environment the how can we ever hope to change it for the better?

Thoughts are living things! Therefore, the way we think and feel about things engenders change.

But of course, first we need to be in the position of making an  informed  choice.  To 'know', then, has to be the first step towards change, wouldn't you say?




Global Warming, or Weather Warning?

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It's amazing what goes on in the dark!

Just another of Mother Nature's tricks, showing us free energy?

Or is it something a little more sinister?


All I will say is "HAARP". It's for you to check it out: I'm not here to convince you; just point you in the right direction!


England, 1st May 2012

Mother Nature is not at all happy about man's intervention in her weather systems and...like any mother she, too, has a breaking point!

You can always just stand by, and watch!

Her retaliatory measures will be wholly supported by the Cosmos--from whence life itself comes--and she has the power either to support life...or deny its existence, both upon the face of her lands and in the depths of her oceans! What does one do when suffering from the damaging effects of a virus? Answer: One seeks to erradicate it-totally-by whatever measures necessary! Think on....


HAARP Installation, Alaska


Should providence have brought you to this article, nestled away amongst all the millions of articles available, then you can be sure it is no mistake you find yourself here! Why? Because along with all the other chances you have been blessed with in your life, to inform yourself and others—so as to avoid the inevitable consequences you now face in todays world—this provides you with yet another…if you can spare the time.


There are some who do not believe in God, there are others that do.  There are those who are casually indifferent, leaving all to fate; others believing in steering their own destiny. Some believe in the power and capabilities of governmental bodies backed by money and the wizardry of technology; others…witchcraft. But you see, whether politicians be your priests, technology your god or vicars your guides, none of this matters in the light of recent catastrophic events since the ‘effect’ has merely served its ‘cause’.


It is not God’s judgment as many insist: for God is not intentionally destructive—only man, and the dark forces that drive his insane ambitions. It is not simply fate, for such adherents only allow themselves to become victim and carrion to others who, quite rightly, exact their ‘will’ as they, and all of us, were born to do.


I touched upon such events as these in May 2012 on our website (spiritualjourneyman.com). There is much unfolding in the way of seemingly natural disasters around the Globe. And this is no accident, no twist of fate, no judgement of some angry God, but simply the result of ignorance by the masses to the point of sheer arrogance! Yes, I know…sounds harsh, but it’s true nonetheless.


The winds of evil and destruction that visits your home, and others around the world, is what you get for utter uncompromising compliance to the machinations of those you voted to take charge of your affairs and steer public opinion down the road of total destruction: Politicians and their perverted news media sell-out corporations, complete with servile lackeys who read out the tele-prompted garbage they call news, leaving us totally void of what is really going on in our country, let alone the so-called Global village.  And you happily gorge yourself on their unhealthy diet of propaganda?  Why?  Then there’s the councils and counsellors, consultancy agencies, think-tanks; supposed know-it-alls…unqualified at anything other than taking our money and enforcing local EU laws whilst inflating their personal expense accounts and guaranteeing themselves life-long gold-plated pensions; index linked and never subject to loss, unlike the rest of us!


Okay, I’m rambling.  Let us cut a long story short.  Example: Because you failed to keep yourself informed, if for no other reason than to safeguard your children & grandchildren’s future security, you failed to see what has been going on for decades in terms of the Multilateral Weather Modification Program at work; for over 50 years in fact—yes…that silly little conspiracy theory you, along with so many others, allowed yourself to disregard simply because your uninformed peers said it was just as stupid as the conspiracy theorists themselves—theorists who, incidentally, made it their business to be informed. Oh, and anyway, who was it that said concerning other unsavoury accusations against individuals that “there’s no smoke without fire!”


People poo-pooed the very idea that man could control the whole of the Worlds weather. Surely it’s too big, too unpredictable…unthinkable cried the little man in the street.  Well, who’s crying now?  Wakey wakey! It’s the fact they now have their system of control (H.A.A.R.P. and Chemtrails…Google them!) so perfected that weather systems can be created and steered, with almost pinpoint accuracy, anywhere on the Globe; they can alter any and all of the four jet streams.  And THAT is why water that should be in California right now is, instead, lapping at the doors of British citizens. Don’t be mistaken in thinking the smiley puppet weather forecasters will tell you this: they won’t—even though, for the most part, they know! And after paying their council taxes and insurances, where’s the flood victims’ help and support now that they so urgently need it?


Don’t you get it yet?  Look, the reason Cameron has been so reluctant and slow to visit the really hard-hit areas is because he knows how and why it happened and hates the thought of being faced with his crime against those who have suffered the impact; his actions being complicit with other nations of the Northern hemisphere.  If you knew what I and others know, not as conjecture…but fact, then you would—and should—be very worried right now. All is out there in the public domain, much of it hidden in plain view, but you have allowed the ‘powers that be’ to beguile you with opiates of sport, gambling and freaky, useless reality tv programming that renders you deaf and blind to the realities now coming to bear upon your life and the lives of others in the most devastating of fashions.


The weapon of weather modification is but one prong of their attack: if you are ill, disabled, unemployed, in debt, a pensioner or of middle-class status, they are coming for you…and all you’ve got, with all manner of social mechanisms! And unless you are aware of this, and tell others; unless people make themselves aware as a group consciousness so as to set up a resistance through the enforcing of their desire, intent and ‘will upon the ethers of creativity, then this nation is lost to us all; just as many homes are lost to those flooded out of their living and life existence; just as many more have, and will be once they jack up the interest rates and call in the debts.


“But what can I do in the face of such a massive beast?” you may say.  Well, if you are not even aware then you can do nothing; that’s why those in power side-track your attention.  But just in knowing and sharing, the collective energy will force a change; that is what energy does, it manifests. That’s its job; it metaphysically imposes itself upon the environment and forces change!  Those in power know this only too well, and fear—yes, fear—that you might know it too!  You think that the battle is on the ground…out there in the streets, and so fear the consequences of what it might cost you and your family should you partake in its uncertain, possibly violent display. And this is understandable.  That is why I am here to tell you that the REAL battle is not on the ground but in the ethers—the invisible worlds—where it formulates before later becoming manifest upon the earth plane in every-day life. 


A prayer is not just some inane act of subservience to some divine deity or god: it is a magical act of intent…an intention, a desire, an act of will to determine not only one’s own fate, but possibly the fate of others.  So when people are of one mind, they become one united spirit, a force to be reckoned with; just as the many drops of water that become the flood…who can stop it?  This is why our government divide our nation in terms of its people and opinions, so as to defile and conquer it.  Gagging its people with laws of Political Correctness stifles and suffocates its culture into oblivion.  It’s happening all over America, in the Middle East and throughout Europe and, as we speak, many countries are rising up against their intolerant totalitarian regimes in the only way they know how. They are fighting the very same battle we are…One World Government, Global Rule.


You think this too far-fetched?  What do you think Tony Blair has been doing since he left Parliament? I suggest you check it out.  He is in line to become the next EU President, and if the unjust war on Iraq was anything to go by, then, we can only pray for salvation. Cameron lost a son, so I figure he feels he has made the ultimate sacrifice and so why worry about your woes; they can’t be any worse than his was, hence justifying his stance with a clear conscience.  Brown before him; he too had to suffer sacrifice…his six-month-old daughter, before selling our Nation down the proverbial river through the signing of the new Lisbon Treaty, not to mention selling off the nation’s wealth of Gold Bullion, cheap, in order to prop up failing Banks’ coffers.  Blair sacrificed our young soldiers, and with them the honourable status of our Nation.  Thus, these premiers think nothing of sacrificing you and I in order of achieving their megalomaniacal goals of great historical status and vast personal wealth.


It you think nothing changed after 2012, then I would earnestly suggest you re-evaluate your position in the scheme of things; being a good citizen only means you are obeying their rules—which are not necessarily the ones you voted for—and you don’t get any prizes for that, you only get given ever more stringent rules to abide by since you are so willingly compliant!  Don’t  get get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you physically take up arms against the Government. No…this is a battle of ‘wills’, light and dark, the good of the many against the evil few.  Take time out and think about it…seriously.  If you can be bothered to look for proof and truth, then they will surely find you, and thus strengthen your resolve to resist and survive the oppression being foisted upon your life and the lives of those dear to you.  There is then a slim chance the winds of destruction may blow around you, rather than straight through you…taking all you have with them! If you have savings and think you are financially secure, then try thinking that when you try to draw any reasonable sum of money out of your bank account in the face of government enforced capital controls!


The First World War began 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. Look how war-torn the world is now, 100 years later; it’s not a happy anniversary and none of us are immune since the weaponry used to destroy lives now is so vast, varied and stealthy.


This is your last chance for a change of heart; grab it while you still can. If you choose to remain indifferent, that’s fine; we each live and die by our own convictions.  But if you think you have plenty of time…your wrong! And if your home and life have already been devastated by the recent attack of HAARP weather modification events, then I feel for you and pray you find the resolve to come through your travail not only stronger, but wiser for having had the experience!


Good luck! 


From one who cares.


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Before we can do anything positive about 'the environment' first we have to know what we are truly up against.

There are enumerable websites covering this topic, all carrying documented, public information concerning man's interference in the global affairs of Mother Nature.

If you really want to know what's going on in the world then we would suggest you visit RT news.

Yes it does come out of Russia, but that is why it can report what the rest of the West would rather you didn't know!

In Britain it can be watched on free-to-air digital, or else you can watch it in realtime on their website; or check out their feeds on facebook, twitter, youtube and google plus.

Click on one of the links below; you might just surprise youself!


http://rt.com/on-air/                                http://rt.com/programs/


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