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Writing received by SpiritualJourneyman 29th Jan 2013


Each day holds so much within it: yet distractions stop so much of its elixir, its youth and its sundown. The Earth moans and struggles to encase her children in light, in love. The carnage delivered by Man with no heart is as a ‘requiem’ to the lost souls. Indeed, in your time, being seen in your true light is evident with immediate effect. Even be there but a handful, it is never a handful ‘void’ for the experiencing of the truth of mankind’s demise or resurrection.

Who does hear the calling in the night, for the Son and the Christ, as one, steal in in the depths of the night…and mankind will be bewildered with what they witness, and say: “Whenst cometh this ‘imposter: who allowed him entrance?” for they look to the night skies in expectation in the form of his former habitation—that of the physical.

This cannot be, but…the ethereal forces of nature sustain Him and, in strength, His heavenly garb is but one of Life and longevity. In such a form He may enter into man via his heart, to be one with man, who may then glorify the ‘Father’. He will breathe his incandescence   through our mortal body, illuminating Himself in a way that is not hidden…but seen, by those of mankind who know their ‘Father’—just as The divine ‘Father’ knows those who belong to Him.

Even the animal kingdom in their places cry out as they gain their own soul. This for the animals who have accompanied their masters and mistresses and attended to their needs. See and recognise the over-soul with the cattle as the call to nature releases them from their bondage of man. Where man lays waste his soul to cruelty, let them be as the worms in the soil, fit only for consumption to the birds and fish. Animals with over-souls are as the life force of nature, symbiotic to the earth, and She ‘feels’ the pain as any ‘abused’ feminine ‘She’ would feel. And when She cries, the sea gives up her dead…and the lands, each with rocks and mountains tall, become fractured as she ‘weathers’ the amputations en masse, caused by the growing concerns of man’s misdemeanours as he puts trust only in his symptomatic appetite for greed and power.

But, my dears, this ‘power’ is not infinite…for only that power born of the Divine may grow and aspire: all else will fall into a state of decay. And the mental torments and realisations will come too late for those people: they WILL die, for the Father will kill the Spirit…and the remaining energy will be but of that which creeps over desert and barren lands.

~Take heart dear children, for there is much to be revealed in these times!~


The Initiate



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