The Fate of the Nation of England


Through the mediumship of Caroline Knight

6th March 1996


The world is in the grip of much change, as are the worlds within the physical housing, the soul. And as Mother Earth feels pain for her children…so does the ‘Father’ when He views but one part of his universal plan for which he had hoped the travail would be less arduous.


When uprisings are felt in various places around your world it is only going to take a moment of discourse in seemingly irrelevant futility to fire the consciousness of man to take alms and unite, even though separate, to turn on those seeking peace; and thus the Armageddon begins, and ‘twill not go away lest man take his head out of the sand.


Where your England dances from one side to another in a balancing act, being subservient to the many in foreign quarters, ‘She’ –for England is Yang- is a wanton woman seeking solutions in the invitation to Her bedside of all who would flatter: and on Her emotions needlessly deems to act out, crying “Am I loved now?” like the child who feels outcast to his brethren.


When will England stand aloof and be respected: not until the day dawns when charity is indeed seen to begin with ‘Home.’ Fear stalks Her as external prowess is favoured save the pain of loving her own heart, and so of the heart of England the pace is sequential to the faulty beat which, shortly, creates malfunction benefiting the need for nursing care that follows cardiac arrest, from whenst necessitates her revised 'way' of life.


A time comes to voice the ‘runnings’ to date, and though many may be scornful, or scoff, ‘tis a necessary action to draw attention that SOME thought be centred on a new way of dealing with what then may be stretched out to lead the way in pioneering fashion, to other countries, being as a true example to ‘brotherhood’. Tis not easy, and support may be lesser or greater. But with the transition of time the thoughtful world--that is primarily alive--will be kindled into a burning flame that gives rise to desire, passion, and the promise of an altered state that befits our children and generations to come!


Education to be learned, in a language tangible to them, speaks louder than the subsequent backup of still much needed prayer.  Openings presented now to you to be acted upon, that ‘hope’ be replaced in the hearts of many, erasing the epidemic of apathy. Let the establishments cocoon themselves in their individual status that stretches not beyond its own perimeters, save for their ‘icons’ that serve only as entertainment for the most within their own enlightenment. They remain trapped within three dimensions of illusions that renders them blind to the real stirring in your world.


Discourse channelled in its many ways is rendered nullified if the recipients do not respond: ‘tis not now enough to receive knowledge, it is to act upon it to contribute, in whatever way possible, to the evolution of this world as we know it!


‘Cradled concepts now inert to the ways of being.’


‘Z’ and the Brothers of Light






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