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From ‘The Hierarchy’ 


The Cosmic Christ



Now…a little enlightenment? For those who have ears—and hearts—to ‘hear’.

This coming into age, the rule is over; astrology, religion, freedom, electricity, flight, computers, democracy, idealists—not necessarily in this order. Rather, the striving of non-conformity and human perseverance.

It is an era that is forcing mankind to make choices about human civilization; to make a decision that is going to make or break human existence.


Available and raining down to mankind are ‘gifts’ of enlightenment and knowledge. For those who are ready to receive, this will be so; but these will be the survivors of these events and will have a positive and spiritual, physical change. This will then bring change to the planet and for the reduced number of human population.


The ‘New Age’ is that of the ‘Christ Consciousness’: such as was explained to the disciples in Matthew 3:11, Mark 1:8 and Luke 3:16. This is the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Christ now is the dispenser of the ‘spirit’ for all those who are survivors. In this age of Aquarius it could even be termed as the age of the Kundalini; in Sanskrit it is known as ‘Kumbha’, which is the Christ Consciousness within the Mother—womb—for nurturing, for the time to ‘become’.


The Age is here! The ‘settling in’ period is here. How long for this to fully ‘be’ could take a generation since it is Aquarian Age in progress. The symbol: He who carries the pitcher of water across the arc of Heaven.


Those of you who are wise will lift up your heads in the knowing that the redemption of the earth is near. It is now that man will begin to understand the spirit of how to become; how it is the Spirit of the Gospel rather than the mere familiarisation of there just being a ‘text’. We just await for the largest part of the human race to be penetrated by this spirit (This did ‘Herr Doktor’ (Rudolph Steiner) once speak of.), thus the duality of Christ and self being one and the same; praying to the God Omnipotent in the heavens.


Prepare ye the Way of The Lord, who is Christ Almighty, unto thy self.

So be it!


The Zeitgeist


Taken through direct dictation by SpiritualJourneyman


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