Psychics and Seers


A psychic…a Seer?   25/05/2013


From the earth plane, consciousness is released directly to that of the moon: this is the feminine and receptive sphere (negative). From there it passes onward, to the place of the Sun sphere: the masculine, positive sphere that is of the higher consciousness. This is the vision of the Seer, and is thus distinguished from the Psychic.


Those Christ-conscious bound, makes them thus: for the many, i.e., pagans etc., stay to deliver only with the Moon, in connective mode. Therefore, the psychic clairvoyant’s path is volatile according to the phases of the Moon. This is most important to understand! Therefore, the ‘elemental’, or, the ‘Wisdom of God The Almighty’ becomes most evident. Think well upon this, for in these words lie implicit meanings!


The psychic can be neurotic, and the neurotic…psychic; a nature which, by characterization, is in rapport (empathy) with the ‘Obscene Ones’ associated with Earth’s satellite—the Moon. Such forces are prone to ‘attack’, since they are of the Moon Qliphoth. And so, then, are psychics prone…as a result of the destructive influences radiated by these Moon forces, with which the psychic is in contact with, by default. Thus we have what you call ‘psychic attacks’, and since all humans have this psychic faculty (to a ‘lesser’ or ‘greater’ extent), just think of the ramifications in this regard.


When was the last time you heard of a Seer attack? The Seer—by virtue of status— is not prone to such, for they are connecting with the spiritual Sun/Son that emits life-giving, life-sustaining rays…providing a future? The moon, on the other hand…? It possesses no essential ‘life’ value, dealing only with the ‘past.’ Think in terms of ‘polarities.’ The Moon satellite has no light of its own; merely reflecting the light of the Sun, and then only in part! In the darkness lies untruths, chaos and deceit, together with that which is dead, outmoded; the past, and all associated with it! Yet death is to be conquered, is it not? And so, therefore, must the Moon’s qliphothic forces be overcome. If not through the Christ, how else will you achieve your victory over ‘death’ (JOHN 14: verse 6).


Before was the time for guessing; now is the time for ‘knowing’. For those who have hearts to hear, let them listen closely: for the ear, of itself, cannot hear the ‘Word’ of God!


The Hierarchy


By Caroline & Tony Knight, through dictation and inspirational writing.


St. Jerome and the Angel