The Future of Mankind

Received ‘through’ the mediumship of SpiritualJourneyman

15th June 1996


Much there is to discuss in this oncoming time of truth, as shadows fall short of themselves and standpoints sign in the ‘new’. A time of ‘wizardry’; a time of drab; a time when secluded in your world you see, with clarity, the sojourns of many who seek contact with their souls. Presence of mind is heightened as we see exchanges in many respects, for the Summer breeze that proffers halcyon days negotiates with the uprisings that in seeming apparence appears careless, yet nevertheless portends of a time when there is much drought in terms of symbolic realism: as flowers and trees are stripped bare in juxtaposition to man/woman, who stand as trees and flowers in every realm of God's kingdom.


Rape and pillaging is carrying on, and those who are ‘dead’ will not hear or see or feel…until it is too late! And then at the feet of their Father whilst they cry, ‘Oh God help me!’, with God’s wrath shall the mighty sword, with one foul swoop, cut through the illusions that hitherto had been their reality; and now they will hear and feel, but shall also have been struck blind.


Only those who, as prophets and prophetesses, will see and will lead the blind to safety, in their hearts they will know. See all around what is happening. There is nothing sacrosanct now, and so will chaos and decay precede before the building up of a new people race. Sovereignty will be no more; neither shall the ministers of degenerates, for they ‘DO NOT GENERATE’ (as the word suggests). Keep unto you all that is holy and intact, which includes God’s breath that is felt ever present.


There are wheels within wheels taking place at this moment in time: whilst ‘evil’ atrocities are witnessed daily, then also, to the opposite effect, giving birth to ‘good’ and ‘light’ is being worked upon. We speak even unto the drugs of today and their accessibility (but do not, however, talk of extremes where lack of control and lack of responsibilities within the individual is the case) since the new human race aspires toward improved ‘being’, beings equipped with extra glands to filter pollution! Do you see this?


Then on a mass conscious level – the evolving states of mankind – there is the opening of the psyche through cannabis, LSD and other substances (not referring to the ‘abuse’ aspect), experiences achieved through the enforced opening of the ‘third eye’, whether good or bad experience-wise. It cannot, at this time, be totally eradicated, nor ever has it been: it will reach a critical point, where the amassed consciousness through such experiences will give rise to telepathic sensories that equip all new generations yet to be born; such being born with the vision of ‘second sight’ that is quite normal, as well as telepathy and apportations (the scriptures support this fact). The virtual reality that today’s predecessors founded with the aid of drug experience (monitored use therof), just as was the case with Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci, Mahler…shall we go on! But with such an explosion as more and more are born equipped (we refer you to the ‘100 monkey telepathy theory’), even unto ‘apports and being able to ‘fly’, such is not out of the question, and will also be very evidential. Are you able to understand? Always there is a polarity: for something bad, something good is born and, of course, visa-versa. Hence, who should we judge?


Has it been that those exploring the drug scene have been a part of the mass consciousness still building, or has it been their sheer lack of respect for their own life, that seemingly means so little to them. Whilst the nature of ‘experience’ may be a necessary point to argue (such as a phase in an individual’s life pattern; for instance, smoking or drinking) the heritage of the experience is, nevertheless, left deep in the psyche, to then be gathered and released into to the group consciousness that will regenerate in new, incarnated states (as family genes work). But think upon this: Should the experiences be born of the shadow/lower astrals; for instance, ways as in groups being born returning together seeking base, mechanical mans’ ways, and then, on the other hand, groups returning in the flesh who are born with God's light: well, then the wars of the future will be very different. We would have two aspects/sides: the evolvement of the ‘man’, and, evolvement of the ‘soul’: one side aspiring to the power ancestry of ‘man’; the the spiritual ancestry of their forefathers in tune with the light! Think on this!


It is an eventual prophecy we now proffer, to underscore the wars taking place of the spirits/souls. The drug issue now of your worldwide proportions - when reaching the crescendo for future man - will safely ‘lock in’, awaiting the birth of such ‘super’ humans and, of course, other worlds; such as many associate with UFO’s which, in mentioning, hopefully brings this even more so into easier understanding.


The children of this kind are already filtering through, since there have always been some. But watch…as each generation is born more ‘knowing’ than the last. The Armageddon, of sorts, is truly at hand as the world as you know it is not sufficiently and properly valued until it MAY be too late. Radical action is needed now! See with peripheral vision that which is taking place; ‘see’ the groups that coincide with all other attributable factors in today’s world, and then reckon. Expedience is for those who are ready to receive and take on these understandings, for they will be given the ‘keys’ as to how it will be ‘to set man free’.


Much more to be relayed at a time when digestion has been upon what, so far, is relative to the personal understanding of who you are and why you are here!


A copy of this message may be given to whomsoever you see fit. We leave this at your will.



Through the World of Light: The Lords of Karma and evolution!