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Courtesy of The Hierarchy's input.

Tree of Life

There is much which we, as human beings, deem as being ‘acceptable’—or not…—whilst travelling the ‘time-line’ of ever-changing values, in a world where that which was no more.

And so we have the narrow band of recycled fads, clockwork in their action. Thus, we have the pendulum of ‘mechanical man,’ wishing he could swing forever. To and fro he swings, as though from branch to branch upon the same tree, season through season, blissfully unaware that the tree is growing ever-weary of man’s ferocious appetite which, not satisfied with the already abundant array of fruit, mines the very resources needed to maintain the tree’s integrity. And so will it one day fail to bear the familiar fruit which, up until that point, was taken for granted by those inhabitants, parasitical, within its canopy of security and shelter.


Why will the tree fail to bear fruit? Because the Tree of life has been defiled, has become poisoned, diseased. And what does man do with that which has become so? He cuts it down and burns it, so as to prevent further disaster to the greater environment—unless he finds a solution…a cure!

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From this...Collar of the Order of the Holy Spirit in Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France and Navarre...
to this...simply, the blue ribbon.
to this...simply, the blue ribbon.



If you enlarge the above, left picture, notice the Dove in the original cross at the bottom of the coat of arms.

Click the cross on the left to find the truth! Then, what does it tell you? Do you consider this trend advancement, in spiritual terms? 

Travesties will seek ‘surfacing’ to be dissipated in timeless measures that surreal encounters blend in motion as dreams surpass. Much which has been held precious now slips away; as ‘Cordon Bleu’ has done…for celebrity status. Marriage in Churches of homosexuals spawning energy, the type for which certain of the extra-terrestrials eagerly await: for some planets are like lightening, with cracks of electricity complicit in its design, reposit in seeking.


Alas my dears, the Churches, Christian in definition, have been let down by the ordained…and care they not of God’s calling; which tips the balance that is not a register for creative happiness. More so, it is but the first step towards the birth of automaton children, raised by the state nanny—or ‘nanny state’—in microcosmic sense; an unnecessary composite to future generations, where sex is recreational…but seriously outmoded.

Ponder these words, for they speak more than is merely compressed by numerical measure of syntax.


By Tony & Caroline Knight,

via dictation and inspirational writing from The Hierarchy




Please, don't shoot the messenger!


  NOTE (long, but necessary): We recognise that elements of this work may prove controversial. And so, for those who find they have difficulty in accepting even the very possibility of truthful logic within this document, I refer you to SpiritualJourneyman’s Terms and Conditions, since it is not the purpose of this document to offend but, rather, enlighten. However, you may feel yourself to be sufficiently enlightened. If so, we are as happy for you as you are for yourself, since it is not our intention to attack your belief: only you can do that, by attempting to assimilate its message—and failing. To refute these statements, all you have to do is prove the Hierarchy intelligences wrong, and we will apologise profusely! But before you go to war against these inferences, first ask yourself this: ‘Am I a product of social conditioning, or not?’ because the Hierarchical intelligences are free from the constraints of such bondage, nor are they hindered (distracted) by the confining elements of human preferences and traits.


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