Important Message From Archasius, on behalf of the Hierarchy

Channelled through SpiritualJourneyman, 18th April 2013


The 'Ancient of Days' makes now His presence felt upon your planet, Earth, and location, location will inform you of such and, element by element, Moon Phase by Moon Phase, confiscating all who stand in the way!


There is some warning with the much that has now become fashionable; 'ghosts' / Spirits, to do with old buildings' architecture. It is all part of the Earth giving up its dead. Practitioners in these areas witness, but do not do anything more to question "could there be help?" Should they do so, and rescue where rescue's are needed then they would go part way toward restoring equilibrium to the planet. But alas, this is rarely a viability as we see the threads of what is taking place.



Do not dishonor self, for there is reason we say this unto you. It is true there are those who have gone before you, and those after you. Their lessons are without 'Music of The Spheres', and therefore devoid of the Archangeloids. Do not be wrongly understood, for there are many that do imagine they understand who have simply got it all wrong. Investigate where it is necessary, and then wait! Clear what is around you for clearer viewing that is ahead.




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