Words From The Hierarchy




It was 1980 when I first started receiving words from the ‘Hierarchy’ of higher planes and states of existence (so called because, as in any structure, from the top down exists a chain of command consisting of intelligences and responsibilities-whether ‘man’, beast, nature or, as in this case, discarnate beings of higher planes of intelligence).


Naturally, members of the ‘Light Groups’ I communicate with-of which there are various-have names, such allowing us to differentiate between groups and levels within what could be described as the 'All-mind' of the Creator-God. Names are of no real consequence to those of the higher realms, since they work as a group…in ‘union’, one might say, with each other; no one member seeking recognition over and above any other member: equality achieved through a purely symbiotic, respectful, relationship between each and every member.


The vast majority of my/their communications are by way of direct dictation. However, there are occasions whereby clairvoyant visions are adopted, or else complete ‘physical mediumship’ (where they speak directly through me) is the method used: I become their ‘instrument’.

This facility/gift is an honour I have earned over my many years of being in active service to ‘spirit’ (since they are discarnate) and God in my vocational capacity; which is to teach and educate those who are ready, willing and able to reconnect with that from which they have long since been separated--their ‘true’ self!


These pages consist of selected communications, those the Hierarchy have now seen fit to be made available for public consumption. Make of them what you will but, rest assured, the information therein is both valid and authentic. Upon this you have my ‘word’; the most valuable asset of my being, by all that is Holy!


If you should have any doubts about the substance of subject matter in the information here written, then, I advise you to check out the ‘TERMS & CONDITIONS’ page of this web site.


  Thank you for reading.




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