Why This Site?

Liber Extol


Our Logo lettering is a symbolism of the words Liber Extol, which means 'Freedom Cellebrated.' This is because we cellebrate the freedom of Man from any limitation that stunts his evolutionary growth as a sentient 'being' in  this infinite, ever-evolving Universe.


There are myriad websites dealing with all manner of ~Spiritual~ subjects, so many it makes the mind boggle. But where do you fit in?

How do you know what you need...what's right for you, and where do you start?


Well, you have already started; you're already on the journey: this present life is just another leg of your personal treck upon the path of human evolution. And SpiritualJourneyman is here to help shed some light in those shadowy areas of uncertainty.


You need to know that there are no strict rules of engagement. You don't have to be this, or that; a Christian, Humanist or Atheist-in the rawest sense. Such definitions (labels) merely impose limitations upon one's freedom to think, feel and be: and this is not 'living' but, rather, 'conforming' to a preset format which, by default, can only make you prisoner; not physically but mentally...spiritually.  In short, strict conventions restrict one's capacity for growth!


Here, for your benefit, you may find information and wisdom from those who went before you in this earth life; those who have already pioneered the path you have yet to tread.


Stop for a moment; think...feel, and then ask: 'Does this website feel right?' 

Then follow the first instinct; the first answer. That will be the right one!  If the answer is 'yes', then bookmark the site: if 'no', then your mind is not ready; it is still trapped by your present state of conventionalism; not free to step outside the domain which keeps it captive. But that's okay; it's where you feel safe...for now. Like I said: there are no strict rules--unless you want there to be!


The reason for this site should now be clear! It exists for those who are ready for the New Aeon...the Age Of Aquarius, a new way. No one moves forward by standing still with the old!


By the way, a big welcome to those of you for whom the answer was a resounding 'YES!'

Thanks for dropping by, feel 'free' to browse our pages...and Happy Travels!




Courtesy of NASA
Messier 104 Galaxy... and yes, it's real, so expand your mind..... Click on image to enlarge