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Firstly: spend whatever time you need pondering the statements below.



Before the voice can speak in the presence of masters, it must have lost the power to wound.


Before the soul can stand in the presence of the masters, its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart.


Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness.


Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears.



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For your consideration: Although some of these statements might appear to be somewhat in the extreme, there is no cause for concern since each aspirant simply does what he/she can to achieve ever greater levels of attunement, with each level bringing its appropriate reward.


  1. CONTROL OF THOUGHT: We must be able to concentrate our thought upon a single object and hold it there.
  2. CONTROL OF ACTIONS: Our attitude to all actions, be they trivial or significant, must be to dominate, regulate and hold them under control of the will; they must be the outcome of inner initiative.
  3. EQUILIBRIUM OF SOUL: There must be moderation in sorrow and in joy. Goethe has said that the soul who loves is till death equally happy, equally sad. The occultist must bear the deepest joy of the deepest sorrow with the same equanimity of soul.
  4. OPTIMISM—the attitude which looks for good in everything. Even in crime and seeming absurdity there is some element of good. A Persian legend say that Christ once passed by the corpse of a dog that His disciples turned from in disgust. But The Christ said: ‘Lo! The teeth are beautiful!
  5. CONFIDENCE: The mind must be open to every new phenomenon. We must never allow judgement to be determined by the past.
  6. INNER BALANCE, which is the result of these preparatory measures. Man is then ripe for the training of the inner soul; he is ready to set his feet upon the path!
  7. MEDITATION: We must be able to make ourselves blind and deaf to the outer world, and our memories of it, to the point where even the shot of a gun does not disturb. This is the prelude to meditation. When this inner void has been created man is able to receive the prompting of his inner being. The soul must then be awakened in its very depths by certain ideas able to impel it towards its source.


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