The Spiritual Path

For those upon the Path and those who wish to walk it


First of all, welcome to those of you who recognise that there is a better way of 'living' and 'being' in a present world, where the higher values and moral principles of human endeavour have fallen by the wayside in favour of ways destructive in their essence, not only to the human condition but also to the destruction of the spirit and soul of humans as sentient beings in an abundant Universe.



The Spiritual Path of Enlightenment


Oh…, that! Well, over the many years of my spiritual travels there have been many along the way expressing their ‘want’ and ‘willingness’ to embark upon the Path of Spiritual Enlightenment. They want to know ‘more’: about themselves, about God or some creative force, the Universe, life after death; how to meditate, read the future and past…and all manner of other Spiritual Gifts. I could go on. So many interests: so many requirements. And yet…all these years later, of the many, initially avid, aspirants so few remain upon the path they so cheerfully chose; the majority having fallen by the wayside in their mild attempt at walking it. For most, it was merely a flight of fancy; a fad, like a hobby, a pastime, ancillary to their otherwise ordinary, everyday life activities, to be picked up and put down at leisure.


Yes, many have come, many have gone; unable to conquer the one, all-important obstacle that stood in their way: themselves! You see, it is not merely what one learns in terms of knowledge—that which without its accompanying wisdom is useless—it is how much one is prepared to sacrifice in striving to uphold the superior principles such knowledge endows the aspirant with.


Let us cut to the chase. One cannot unlearn what they have come to know! One cannot backtrack and unravel that which they have done. To attempt to do so would be folly! One can only go forward, further enhancing one’s state of awareness and wisdom, their evolutionary status and integrity of the soul. Why? Because such was the purpose of this their present incarnation, and all other incarnations before it! Why? Through the ever-progressive states of awareness achieved via the experiences of those many incarnations, we have since become blessed with the gift of ‘individuality’, that which now affords each of us the luxury and freedom to choose our own destiny! Why? So that we can evolve, if we so choose, to ever greater heights of awareness; the light of which shall show us where we have truly come from and where it is we are headed to. And let me say: the places and existences on route are a darn sight better than the limited, three-dimensionally constrained existence many presently experience here on planet Earth . The Earth plane, for us who are striving to become Human 'beings'—as opposed to merely a race of Humans—is the learning ground for much, much greater things to come. As a simple analogy, let us take the grading systems of today’s computer games: each level, once conquered, gives access to ever greater, more expansive, levels of adventure and activity! This axiom is exampled in all areas of life’s progressive format.


And so it is for the rest of the Universe; ever expanding, ever evolving. That which does not evolve eventually withers and separates, thus becoming diluted back into the unconscious mass substance—as would a company/business should it fail to adjust to the ever-changing requirements of the market place; the environment which, essentially, feeds and nourishes that company’s very existence through continued investment of its energy…money, which, incidentally, is the equivalent of ‘life-force’.


And so to The Path of Enlightenment, which consists of knowing more, being aware of more, feeling more, recognising more, becoming more than the sum total of who, for now, one is. A sense of adventure and wonderment becomes once more apparent in the aspiring mind that knows…it is time to move on!


But the necessary, correct approach is paramount before embarking upon such a journey. Right thinking and self-mastery is vital: one’s ego and emotions need to be held in check, since old concepts and ways of thinking will most certainly be challenged, in favour of new ideas and concepts; such being essential if one is to grow and move forward.



On the next page are passages for you to read and meditate upon. See what you make of them. They are, by their nature, words that invite you to recognise your sensibilities in terms of personal, inner environment of awareness and thought. Don’t be put off just because you may not understand them in the first instance. This is not a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ affair.




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