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1.   Property Rights: All written information on this site is the sole property of, and copying of its contents is not preferred: we would rather that you share the URL title with others, allowing them to access our content direct so that they, in turn, might pass it on to other candidates, if they so wish. By doing so, you play a positive role in expanding our reader base—something for which you can claim credit--and we applaud this.

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2.    Our Views: The views expressed by are just that, “views”, and are not ‘written in stone’. The ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of these views are purely subjective. As with all information: accept only that which you deem as acceptable, and dismiss that which you do not.


3.    Site Content: Whilst may present controversial views which, by their nature, challenge popular opinion, it is, however, not our intention to deliberately deride, ridicule or offend any individual, organisation or belief system. That said, we cannot guarantee such might not be the case, inadvertently, since ‘free speech’--by its very nature--carries with it challenging concepts and alternative views.

Therefore, in respect of the above, SpiritualJourneyman does not accept liability, personal or financial, for any anger or slight felt by any individual or corporate entity. If, for whatever reason, you do find yourself feeling somewhat offended by any statement we have made, then, we are sorry for the unfortunate circumstance, and honor your right to believe otherwise, or differently.


4.    Site Shop and Services: "Due to recently imposed European Union Legislation, these services are classed as 'for entertainment only', and, therefore, SpiritualJourneyman cannot, in any way, be held legally responsible for any aspect which the purchaser/customer/recipient deems as 'false' or 'misleading'.


5.     LiberExtoL Healing Service Disclaimer.

SpiritualJourneyman's LiberExtoL Healing Service does not claim or guarantee a 100% success healing rate for any 'Physical' or 'Mental' health condition/s belonging to any Member of our Healing List. Such a claim would be beyond reasonable to make, or expect. Therefore, SpiritualJourneyman cannot, and does not, accept any liability in this regard: nor do we accept liability for any worsening health condition, since such is not within our power to dictate (for example, the condition/ailment may be degenerative by nature). Whilst we do not claim to perform miracles, we do, however, give our assurance that we will do our utmost best in helping all Healing List Members achieve an improved status in terms of their overall health condition/s.

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