The Christ Message


By Caroline Knight


Consciousness suggests, amongst other things, the awareness of being awake to a certain fact or understanding. But, for the moment, I should like to draw your consciousness to the dual path open to us via our spiritual evolution...that leads, ultimately, to an afterlife; hopefully, one that is full of joy and peace!


These days, in our multicultural society we see Eastern religions, as well as the rebirth of old religions bearing new labels, bleeding through together with the Christian beliefs: all on their individual pathways, in the search for truth and liberation of the soul.


Spiritualism today is changing, not so much from the point of proving an afterlife but with its peripherals and concepts with regard to the God-source. It is such a pity to see the nonsense and arguments which some people propound concerning alternative, philosophical and theosophical approaches, as to which is the ‘correct’ one. Either we approach the cosmic consciousness—God—through the Christian aspect, or not! My friends, do you not see what is taking place at this time?


There is a differing of opinions, for there are those who follow a pathway of evolution who also question the concept of Christ, as to whether He was indeed the Son of God. They thus profess that the true way can only be through the working out of ‘their’ own individual evolution. We then have the other extreme, who purport that the only way back to God is through the intercession of Jesus Christ, ‘the Son of God’.


Let us take a closer look at what this quibbling entails and, as we view the points at hand, let us remember that God, in giving Man ‘free will’, also encompassed the freedom to choose. We are taught that the true pathway to God is that of an ‘inner’ path, and that through meditation and prayer we may raise our consciousness and so be able to tune in to the Creator.


As our spirit quickens we realise, as man, the need to make amends: that being, we need to put right the wrongs we have caused, not only to ourselves but to our brethren, whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, in this world or any other. In following this route, we now see how ideas regarding Karma are brought into play: the ‘eye for an eye’ concept, through the ‘cause and effect’ of our actions over a period of ‘time’.


If we see ourselves following this philosophy we have, in effect, through searching for inner truths, tuned in to the power of the Cosmic Consciousness: the Godhead itself...that offers us the choice of evolving by returning here or to other dimensions; eventually to make ourselves right and perfect, in order to continue with our own spiritual progression.


The alternative pathway is to tune in to the Christ Consciousness. Orthodox teachings speak of Christ as our Saviour, but do not explain the concept fully enough. Scriptures support the claim of the man Jesus being God incarnate—‘The Christ’. Whether you believe Jesus to be The Son of God, or not, the records show that He is The long-awaited Messiah, God incarnate…The Word!


Only by following the example of The Master Jesus can we see how it is possible for us to be saved from having to go through the prolonged Karmic stages of spiritual evolution. Through emulating the ways and teachings of Jesus The Christ, we learn of Love in its most spiritual sense; its nature being both ‘unconditional’ and ‘forgiving’.


In following this course of action, we need the heartfelt desire to ensure that what we are doing is in an honest, caring way that is not fashioned on lip-service. Do not forget, ‘charity begins at home’; we must forgive ourselves first, learning to love ourselves, since only then can we truly begin to be of beneficial service to mankind.


The Christ consciousness is one of service and brotherhood. In working with the Christ vibration, we allow the Christ to guide. Eventually, our sins can be forgiven us; spiritual ‘alchemy’ takes place: the forgiveness of sin, transmuted into pure light and love, ever-evolving, leading back to The God-source. THIS is our spiritual heritage, our salvation, not only in spiritualism but in many religions; the ‘truth that sets man free!’


God allows us to explore, and whether we choose to follow the path through Karmic evolution or through the salvation of Christ is entirely up to us. But please, let us all respect each-others God-given freedom to follow the true desires of our respective, individual pathways.


(Published in The Greater World Newsletter – autumn 1994)





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