Best Intentions!!!

In all my years of teaching, when it comes to the Great Work (that which the spiritual hierarchy wishes to enlighten man of concerning 'truths' about himself and his creator) the powers that be of this world--by 'powers' I mean the ruling forces of Arhiman and lucifer--seek always to undermine my efforts.


And such is the case where this website is concerned: there is much I have to convey to those interested in more than just the hum-drum world of 'mechanical man'; those who, in the very core of their being, know there is more to life than meets the eye on a surface level. Such people are surely aware of the fact they have been socially conditioned by the establishment to believe and support the present-day structure of 'living' their life as acceptable citizens in the eyes of constitutional 'law'?


That is not to say one should not follow the terms of local citizenship. But within such structures there is much desire, and ample room,  for constitutional change through improved 'moral' thinking and subsequent behaviour, don't you think; and without creating a state of 'anarchy' in the process; an aberration institutionalised adherents fear most--rioting, for example.


We live in a world of extremes. There are those 'give' and those who 'take'; those who love 'war' and those who extol the virtues of 'peace': in short, those who 'love and those that 'hate!' All else inbetween is nothing but details.


Those who choose the path of 'indifference' are probably the most dangerous to any form of stability since, being passive, they care little about nothing and no one, and yet serve--unwittingly--as free-radicals to those who do care one way or an other about something, and so employ such neutral 'agents' in their favour.


Therefore, free-radicals are potentially destructive since they love nothing and no one, concerning themselves only with their preferred, changeable, concept of whatever and whoever!  A quick analogy would be: a mercenary.


What is your code of life, I wonder, and, if you know...are you one who honours it?

To achieve one's destiny one must have an idea what that destiny truely is: anything but is purely a 'goal', and that merely involves personal 'gain'. There is no spiritual advantage to this, the soul already knows what personal, earthly, gain is. So, the man (personal) dies, another incarnation spent, and what does such an existence profit the spirit when once again left without the physical? What does the spirit get to take home to the 'total soul' that the soul doesn't already 'know' or 'have' to expand its light of wisdom? You should think on this; meditate. In coming to understand/know your intrinsic, spiritual worth, what is Karma currently presenting you with at this particular moment in time?


And remember, paradoxically, Karma doesn't deal in 'right' or 'wrong', only with what 'is' in seeking to balance an equation; what that equation is is for you to work out, since it is tailored specifically for you, the individual. What are you supposed to be learning from any foremost experience at hand in your life? Have you even stopped to think: why is life so hard; or easy, for that matter! There's a reason; seek to find out what it is.

As a clue, how about: "What goes around, comes around!"


With the best of intentions, I hope to speak again soon.

Until then, seek and you will find!






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You may not be in control of the probem, but you can be part of its solution!

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