A reminder of the Law of non judgement!


The Universal Spirit does not judge us: the 'human' invented this concept. What does it mean? Comparison, maybe. Is it contrast and control, perhaps, as we judge ourselves against all that is artificial, illusory? The 'idealistic standard of perfection?' Morality? Truth? Well, under the laws of equalities our judgements attract judgement to us...in equal measure. Tis worth thinking about in such a competative world where, even in families, competition is seen; where morality and truth are still threatened.


I am doing an assignment at the moment: 'Equality and Diversity'. How poignant this subject has become to me at this moment in time when, upon reflection, even in the family unit 'equal rights' need to be reviewed. For Father to Son, Mother to Daughter, Sister to Sister....there is diversity and a need for equality, topped with respect, which can only be equalled through the responsiveness of unconditional love one to another....'equality'...at its best!


Love to you all.


Moses with the tablets of 'stone', in which the LAW of the OLD TESTAMENT was written. But then came the NEW TESTAMENT, bringing with it the new LAW: that of LOVE, to be written in men's hearts so as to make better use of the Law by adoptiing the quality of MERCY!

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