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Here we are, approaching another new moon. Easter has passed, along with the Spring Equinox. Have you noticed that here in the UK we spend Easter at a different time to other Christian countries? Last week-end Easter was celebrated in Russia and Cyprus, and the difference in these countries is that Easter falls the same time every year. And it is celebrated for the miracle it truly was; celebrated with fireworks, parties, prayers and praise for the 'mystery' it truly represented.


I felt the Easter last week-end more so and, on the 'inner worlds', felt the strength of the embodiment of Christ. In this country, however, as it is with those who do not understand the 'true' story, we celebrated Easter in place of the time when pagans and other philosophies once did, ...before the story of Easter. Thus it gave rise to those who try to pour disdain on the Christ Jesus every reason to support the idea that the true story of Christ was nothing but a fable of a man of the same name. Such is the state of affairs in this 'multi-cultural' society, where Christianity is gradually being demoted to the point of intended extinction. Perhaps it's time to put it to those who have this train of thought concerning the 'fable', to be open to receive yet another story that has been 'claimed' in order to dismember the 'true' body of Christ, the one 'Son of God'.


There was another Jesus. This Jesus was born one hundred years before the Christ figure (soon to be understood as the Cosmic Christ). His name was Jesus ben Pandira; he too was a holy man, and most spiritual. He also walked amongst men, and healed where he could. But he annoyed those who were of the same mind as the Romans in 'our' Christ story. He, too, was hunted down and stoned to death. He, also, had a crown of thorns placed on his head and was hung on a tree for the birds to peck at his eyes until he decayed.


Ring any bells? Stories of the true Christ's bloodline continuing, and that he left children behind? Well...this Jesus did! He walked amongst the Essenes and with them. Our Christ Jesus was never a member of the Essenes, though he sat with them.


In these days, it seems there are those that have pieced together half-truths, half-stories in order to turn the heads of many from actually exploring the 'facts' for themselves. And believe me...the facts are there for those who choose to look for them. Not only do we have the story of the Christ who died to 'save our sins', but the deeper meanings, too, are there that, once discovered, begin to show those seeking the codes the true meaning of that night in Gethsemane and what can be described (as did R.Steiner describe) as the 'mystery of Golgotha'.


There is so much more, my friends, to truly understand in a time when even the very Churches have somehow become confused about the deeper meaning behind the story of Christ Jesus...and the coming of the 'Cosmic Christ'.


Love to you all.......









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