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20th December 2012...and then?                                 Stuff that matters!
Well tomorrow is the day that everyone has been talking about...this earth frequency changing, to the point of scare mongerers reporting all sorts.... Tis the TRUE beginning of the new epoch or, for some, the beginning of the age of aquarius: thus this age of pisces now to recede into history.
Those who are natural 'sensitives' will have had symptoms that may have brought about discomfort, as well as witnessing illnesses and loved ones 'passing' into the heavenly realms. Yet, from tomorrow, 'they' are ever nearer for those intrinsically good in nature: but to others-those who enjoy the density of the world with its wars etc.- they will not be aware of anything.
Gradually those who 'do their best' will begin to feel restored with a feeling of warmth and hopefulness, and they will find themselves moving away from the materialities of this world, whilst remaining aware there still exists the world/earth they once knew; each day receding more and more in to the seeming distance.
For those embracing the New a dawning will take place, whether it be within a few days or two, or even three, years: a dawning and realisation of whom they truly are, as the sum total of our soul begins its full integration with our physical, which could take three to five years. Thus our soul assetts will be operative from within-as apposed to without- as it spiritualises our physical body, eventually making us whole!
So, Good tidings my friends...of a different kind that is exciting for the future evolvment of the new earth as we look forward to positive 'change'...a change for the better!
Hope you are ready for it.
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Teaching not preaching......                                               Stuff that matters!


Hi again everybody!

Another year-2012-the year a year that has been summised about for so long now: a time when scientists suggest the world could end and we could all die of 'radiation' poisoning.  However, the Spiritual way suggests our 'quickening' via the 'radiation' of the Christ impulse as we are all having our consciousness raised.  Perhaps it will work in a juxtaposed way.  Those who believe in 'science' and all that side of life and the planet will be raized to the ground.... expire; whilst there are those of us who believe that the Spiritual essence in us will feel the radiation of the Christ impulse, filling our bodies and changing our DNA to accommodate the new world to be... here on this planet.... along with its few minor adjustments.  'Glory to God', we hear many say. Gl-'ory' means 'light': did you know?  Some say God is a shortened version of Good!

Anyhow, one thing is for sure is that there is an intelligence greater than all of us here who as we observe 'it' observes us, also.  What easier way than allow those who believe in the 'science' meaning of radiation to 'give up the ghost' of their own accord and leave the planet in the old familiar way.  Tis their freewill then, whether consciously or subconsciously; their choice.  This Greater Intelligence then allows those who believe that their fate is in the bathing of the Radiation of a New World to come... with its promise of heaven on earth.... in the 'second coming' as some might suggest.  Could it just be possible that, according to your beliefs, you will attract what is meant to be for you, or are you someone who enjoys the light, enjoys the 'livingness' of the light that cancels out all shadows and all that dispersed.

How about just 'being' and anticipating the light; 'divinity', if you like.  After all, this word actually means 'oneness with the light; doesn't mention God in the sense that Churches might preach. It simply is: 'ONENESS WITH THE LIGHT'. And who knows, if we just do this...then all the glitches, shadows and fears that build up in us all at some time just may get a chance to dissipate so that we can all be here to enjoy and celebrate in the wake of  many of these dire times in this world.

At least we would be doing something positive........ speak soon,  loves to you all
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