Maximilian  Synopsis

Set in Surrey England in the year 2029, this mildly science-fictional fantasy concerns two teenage characters who find themselves embarking upon an adventure into a much fabled dimension...the ‘Mirror Worlds’, a realm so diverse and uniquely different to the world they hail from.  And yet within these new worlds they discover, through the new and unusual characters they meet upon their travels, inseparable, vital links necessary to the very existence and evolutionary growth of humankind in theirs.

Son of a Quantum Physicist, Maximilian Deacon has a wilful, enquiring mind into all things scientific and paranormal, whilst his newly found companion, Saskia Ellis, possesses a studiously careful nature that serves as a steadying influence upon his impulsive character.  Having both suffered the loss of close parental influences during their early childhood, Max and Saskia find they share a mutual longing; to meet once again with their most dearest of family members who had long since departed the physical world but who still existed, so our duo believe, in another existent dimension beyond the earth plane—a place called Summerland. 

Max’s father, James, is on the verge of proving—once and for all—that life continues on after physical death. And this he is about to demonstrate through the introduction of a revolutionary invention...the DNA-i.AV Transceiver, a device capable of communicating with those who have ‘passed over’ into other dimensions of space and time.  According to James, apart from communicating with loved ones past, it also provides a means by which to solve outstanding murder cases and other serious crimes, thereby reducing world crime as a whole.  But, as always, there are those who do not wish for his invention’s success: in particular, the evil Professor Von Strudel and his assistant Grumbledeed—resident in a sector of the Mirror-worlds—who is seriously intent upon reversing Mankind’s conscious growth and enslaving the mind and spirit of all humans within a world controlled by his personal brand of Artificial Intelligence.


And so it is, that our audacious adventurers find themselves immersed in a battle quite unlike any other in a bid to protect not only the advent of the Transceiver’s success but, more importantly, the preciously held freedom of Mankind to Evolve beyond the Earth plane as spiritually enhanced, superior beings within a wider universe!  This our heroes will achieve, hopefully, through the help of Lydia and her Shape-shifting sister, Delia, plus one unusually adept cat—Willow.  Then there is their essential, plucky Helpmeet’s muse, Sophia; not to mention other unique characters located in various sectors of the Mirror Worlds.


Why I wrote this particular story

My many years of life experience and service to the wider community have yielded me a breadth of insight into the human condition…of both young and old alike; thus recognising, over those years, a waning of ‘certain’ attributes essential for the balanced growth of today’s young, enquiring minds—both morally and psychologically.

Hence this story: one of hopes and dreams, personal ambition and potential, of knowledge and discovery of the alternate universe with its inherent beauty and diverse, intelligence-based substance.

The story’s purpose: to serve to counterbalance the much published ‘darker side’ of existence—vampires, gouls, wizards, werewolves, monsters, etc. In short, doom and gloom!

I thought it time to inject a little light and hope into the equation of life’s expression; not solely for youngsters to the virtual exclusion of their elders and parents (such being divisive) but, rather, being holistically inclusive of all types and generations.



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