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There's nothing like a nice, hot cup of coffee and a good book for relaxation, is there! 

Anyway, just to say...I don't only write about my life and experiences of 'spirit'. I do have other interests, and at present am working on new writing projects, to do with themes involving a little escapism.

After all, we all need that sometimes don't we? 

'LiberExtol Publications'  is our self publishing section.

After much searching and many many applications to already existing  mainstream publishers, we finally decided to go it alone because (in our humble opinion) we found there to be unacceptable levels of what we felt to be literary snobbery,  leaving little or no room for the expression of fresh ideas amongst the present-day, 'fashionable' stereotypical themes. It's not easy going it alone, but we are so passionate about the relevance of what we do that it's every bit worth the extra effort!  Tony Knight                             Scroll down for more

Don't be misled... the Character you see on the cover of my latest novel is not who you might think he is!

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Here is an update of my Autobiography

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In Today’s brave new world of mass interest in psychic, spiritual phenomena—in many cases, merely as a form of light entertainment—whilst many now claim themselves to be gifted mediums, healers, or card readers the reality is…the vast majority of such claims are false! And as a result, true vocational spiritual workers are fast becoming obsolete; many now having become almost invisible and undervalued in a society where clever marketing and stagecraft enamours the eager, unsuspecting masses. And yet, ironically, if it were not for those true pioneers who fought so long and hard throughout the years to prove the efficacy and value of this work, then where would these present personalities of stage and screen be?

Laying the ‘bandwagon’ aside though, the fact is…true mediumship is hard earnt and not merely the inherent ‘gift’ many claim it to be—as this biographical account vividly illustrates. It is an open window into the life of Caroline Jennifer Knight: long-time Certificated Spiritual Medium/Clairvoyant, Seer, Spiritual Teacher & Healer, Minister, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Speaker. Some of today’s prominent mediums and psychics began their spiritual journey courtesy of her tutorial instruction.

A diarist of many years, Caroline—formerly known professionally as “The ‘controversial’ Jennie Walker”—draws from over 180 journals to give not only a precise and truthful account of her somewhat tempestuous life (as daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother), but also shares with you her highly eventful odyssey of spiritual discovery, with all its highs and lows.

If you manage to stay the course, then it’s highly likely you’ll come away a much wiser soul than when you started because, throughout the journey, she shares with you the benefit of valuable life lessons learnt along the way—something you can’t buy tickets for!

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