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Hi, all!

Many people of middle age tend to take the view that the older generation (old fogeys, geriatrics, the elderly, etc.) are somehow of a defective status; non-compos mentis; not entirely ‘all there’ in terms of their thinking, and such.


Well, here’s an example of one lady’s way of thinking which speaks, quite probably, for a large…but silent majority! After all, everybody keeps banging on about the ever-increasing older population’s effect on society, don’t they. Yeah, right—as if the younger generation, with their veracious appetite for all things have ‘got it together?’ Hmm…deserves a little more thought, me thinks, since they appear to have everything the older fogeys didn’t have—before they’re even sixteen--and yet they still have issues!


Violet Pilgrim
Violet Pilgrim

Anyway, this spritely Ninety-three-year-old has communicated by letter (hand written, since in her day pc’s and tablets weren’t given out as standard issue in schools) and it concerns the very problem her generation are constantly being accused of…’poor memory’ syndrome.


The reason for this particular letter was because over her many years Violet, too, has noticed how certain people, both young and old, have chosen to remember/recall certain events of their lives in a fabricated fashion, their edited details sometimes bearing very little resemblance to those of the actual event. Why? Either because they were not happy with an outcome, or because the event/experience did not mirror their ideal in terms of how they think it should have been, or else simply because they prefer that it never happened, at all!


                           From Violet Pilgrim


“I think that a lot of people re-write history, so as to make it that anything that went wrong was never due to them. And I think that, for some reason, they honestly can’t bear to see things at all as they really were, so they have to do this; they can’t help it!

Ernie…something or other, a 1940’s politician, said that ‘introspection goes down one of two possible paths; that of salvation, or that of damnation, and those who can’t tell the difference are unlucky. You can’t haul them back by the scruff of their necks, and it isn’t sensible to agree with them in vain. They represent a problem that can only be prayed for…and they are irritating because with some of them, if you upset them you can’t be sure which way they will jump.”



Incidentally, Violet Pilgrim is an authoress of numerous works, and her latest book—Goblin Avenue—is going down a storm in childrens’ schools at the moment.


One more point about the 'memory' of the elderly (I prefer to say, Senior Citizens): If you were left isolated in a small dwelling for years on end, with very little in the way of friends and family members visiting—if there are any still living—left to only your own thoughts and memories, how do you think you would fare? You can’t get around like you once did; the entertainment and music you were used to is no more, and income isn’t what it used to be because you’ve long-since retired, and bread isn't tupence-a-loaf, anymore. Yep, your memory is most likely...pretty good, because memories are all you have left; and even those memories you deliberately chose to forget, in favour of some other fantasy, return for your consideration. The only reason the memory of later-day events slips by so easily is probably because such meaningless, mundane, events are not worth remembering! Think on….


It's amazing how many people suffer from ‘false memory syndrome,’ especially amongst the 'younger' generations. They figure that if it doesn’t fit their preferred perception...they’ll change it so that it does. The only problem is…that it doesn’t fix anything, since that which is an untruth has no life in it: you could call it ‘anti-life’; it doesn’t exist. So the bearer will never really be content because now there’s a hole where reality should have been. It’s like erasing part of one’s life experience, which, karmically, will simply reintroduce itself in some other way…until the issue of acceptance is resolved! Why? Because your side of whatever 'it' was belongs to you, and no one else! It’s part of your life experience and lessons; and it will never be lost…because energy does not die!


Of course, one can always remain stubborn, not wishing to entertain the value of what a specific, true, memory holds and, thereby, create a disconnect in their time line; a fourth-dimensional split  of one’s own  'free will' (making) being imposed upon the natural, random, memory-accessing ability of the brain—a process whereby the brain, now being unable to discriminate between what is an acceptable or unacceptable memory, is now programmed to deny access, indiscriminately, no matter what point along the time line the required information/memory is recorded? And now we are heading into the territory of Dementia; but we don’t want to go there, do we!


What would be my advice? Well, you’ve probably worked it out for yourself already!


By the way, I’m seven years younger than my wife…and I rely on her memory recall for most things, since my memory is pretty rubbish—unless what ever it was hurt, a lot!


Tony Knight, of SpiritualJourneyman



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The Keyboard-meister!


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