Important Privacy Notice regarding our Personal Services and Publications


Dear prospective client.


In an age where various ‘bodies’, corporate and otherwise, are overly preoccupied with the accumulating of people’s private, sensitive information for the purposes of market research and other activities, we here at SpiritualJourneyman are most concerned about the confidentiality and security of all private information entrusted to us by our clients (such being gathered as a consequence of the very nature of our service provision).


Therefore, in the interests of—and out of respect for—our clients ‘right’ to privacy, we inform you that any personal data provided by our 'Service' users (clients)  is kept on record solely for the purpose of referencing that data again should the person/s to whom such information relates return for any future requirement of those services, and it is not shared with any third party. 


However, should you wish to have your record removed once your service has been provided, then please notify us by way of adding your request to do so to the ‘notes’ box on your checkout form. If paying by PayPal, you will find a similar provision provided during the payment process.


PUBLICATIONS:  The above policy also applies to any personal data we use in the sales and delivery process of our books.


We wish you to feel confident in using our services, and we at SpiritualJourneyman also believe honesty to be the very best policy for both User and Provider.


Thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer.