Honey....it's for you!

  Oh how lovely it would be to keep that nice, trim figure. So many different diets; some are fads, and some work for a while. What sometimes is lacking when we are presented with new (or old) ways, is an understanding of what actually is taking place in the body that allows the desired success in what we are hoping to achieve.

Many, these days, have come to know the benefits of Honey, especially where the upkeep of our physical wellbeing is concerned. But ‘Honey’ can also keep those extra ‘inches’ at bay too!

For those who have, what we call, ‘a sweet tooth’ a huge problem presents itself in dieting, especially when we turn to ‘comfort eating’. Let’s face it, sugar acts like a drug in the system; we ‘crave’ for it, which then leads us to want more! Yes, sugar and sweet things are very addictive! Honey, though, actually maintains our energy levels (which fall dramatically in the aftermath of sugary ‘fixes’), thus the continued longing for ‘more’ (where ordinary sweet substances are concerned) subsides. You see, honey is quickly absorbed into the blood stream. Why? Because it has already been pre-digested by its producers…the bees.

Then it’s a case of whether a ‘low calorie diet’ or a ‘low carbohydrate diet’ would be best. In a 1lb jar of honey there is 1,290 calories. This is equivalent to thirty eggs, six pints of milk, or 12lbs of apples. Now, one can hardly imagine eating a full pound of honey, and, of course, it would not be viable to eat a full pound of honey all in one go. But it certainly would make a difference if you were to take small quantities frequently on a daily level; for instance, wherever you would normally use sugar?

In adopting this practice, your sugar levels throughout the course of the day would then be healthily maintained. Calories could be adjusted according to one’s craving for extra sweet things.

The low carbohydrate diet inclusive of honey, however, could prove to be high, amounting to 17 grams per tablespoon. This is enough to amply cover two slices of wholemeal bread (if gram intake with the bread is allowed). A total daily allowance of sixty grams would not prove difficult to fit in with this diet.

There’s a two-day diet that is really good to try out, and pleasant too. It’s a fruity, slimming diet which consists of two oranges and one lemon put into a large glass, then add a teaspoon of honey together with a medium-sized banana, thinly sliced. After gradual stirring, eat slowly with a spoon. Yes…you could liquidise it, but then psychologically it doesn’t always seem as though you have eaten. This way it is almost as though you never know when you are going to finish, which is why it leaves you feeling satisfied.

If you want a ‘quick fix’ and to drop 3- 4lb in weight without any other food, do this three times a day for two days, only, at a time. The results will be easily recognised in the waist and diaphragm areas, which I think you would agree…is very good news indeed. Oh, and what’s more: honey also tonifys and strengthens the—all too valuable—heart. Remember, a healthy spirit needs a healthy physical body in order to function optimally, which then contributes to a healthy state of mind, don’t you think?.


Mind, body and spirit: whatever affects one affects them all!




A few interresting points about Honey


It is non-irritating to the delicate membranes of the digestive tract.

It is assimilated rapidly and easily.

It spares kidneys, lessening tissue function.

It has a natural and gentle laxative effect.

Honey is an excellent medium for vitamins.

Honey provides actual nourishment; refined sugars do not.

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