Is he horrified at what he sees...or what he might see?

*Here is a comment made by 'The Hierarchy' on the subject of 'Fear'*

To clarify FEAR: when fear is reacted to via the mind, know that it has been lifted—or raised, even— out of its own environment, which is the ‘Body Nature’, and is interfering in the vicinity of the mind; which then creates confusion, error and subsequent harm to the individual concerned.


Fear is a reaction, a projection. It can be e-motive, but it is not as real an emotion as man has created thus: the mind should return it to the ‘lower’ three psychic centres—its natural home. (1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras.)  


Panic Attacks? They are a sign fear has risen up, and having done so cannot function in its rightful state. Do you see?


In atonement (at-one-ment) your time matters not since, for the moment, you co-exist with God. In man’s time—recognition of the ‘Fall’, or, original separation from God—continual monitoring to atone is relevant in your present existence. Body-thoughts should not be raised to the level of the mind. Keep all compartments equal: body (Lower), mind (Upper); Spirit over all, as an umbrella, effects such. If you connect with Spirit, all will be healed!


Christ asked for ‘forgiveness’: this kind of forgiveness was for the mind, and, as such, did not make those forgiven any less responsible for their bodily action, since they had already actioned the body. Their minds, though, were in error from the already created Spirit? Think upon this.


Is it becoming clearer what is needed for healing to be fully compensated? There is a difference here between ‘guidance’ and ‘control’. Think upon this more fully: ‘free will’ becomes apparent from this choice. The mind is permitted to become the Saviour, and so to heal; a thing not necessary before the wanton separation from God!


These are value added facts, wouldn’t you say. Relax and connect. Do face ‘death’ with a smile, therefore always smiling for all is a coming of age and a falling away into nothingness; all being cycles of births and deaths, even in a thought process!



Brothers of Light Years


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