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'If music be the food of love, play on!'



Periodically we aim to present different pieces of music, to feed your mind and soul. Not that you should necessarily like every track we post, but in an age where the art of music-production is suffering somewhat, so much that 'speaks' lingers in the shadows seldom seeing the light of day. Here, we aim to shine a light on such musical talent.


Thanks for listening!  

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Oh, by the way, just to let you know that: 'we do not own any rights to the music tracks presented here.' We do, however,thank the youtube uploaders associated with each piece.

And, of course, should you like what you hear...then check out Amazon or Itunes, via the uploader's youtube link, to get your copy!

Here's our latest recommendation. Enjoy!

A song by Seth Glier.....In today's World these Lyrics are apt!

Some very telling information about ‘Sound’

Click here to find out.


Here's a track from 2002, Walz For Koop, by a swedish band. It has a nice Mediterranean feel to it...soothing, maybe.

This track from 1997 is, we think, another uplifting song.

It has that 'feel good' factor.   See what you think! 

This Mummers song is lyrically and musically uplifting, in a reassuring kinda way.

Definitely worth a listen!

Samantha James...From her album: Subconcious

Put aside the video add; I linked this one because the sound quality is the best we coud find. 

Valley of the mind's eye: Thomas Dolby

This guy's been around a long time, and although this track was done in 1994 it still sounds pretty good! See what you think.

There's a truth in these lyrics. No moving pictures, but sound quality is good and that's the most important thing.

Ain't that the truth!


Meditate on the heart for a while; take a load off!