About Prophecy

Ezekiel's Vision of God

When talking about Prophets and Prophecy, one tends to think of the greats…Mohammed, first and foremost if you are Muslim, along with others shared by Christianity. In the Christian tradition we have Moses, Daniel, Ezekiel etc.—in the Bible…48 in all, plus seven prophetesses. Then there’s a large gap before we get to Nostradamus and…well I’m not sure really; that’s where the list, pretty much, ends for me since I’m not that knowledgeable.


But that doesn’t mean to say other individuals cannot be prophets simply because they’re not widely known and revered by the masses. There are many amongst us who are blessed with this gift—to see 'forward’ in time. Most folk, though, are still busy looking backward, it seems! However, if one is to become one’s own Clairvoyant and Prophet, they first have to realistically entertain the idea that such is possible for them, and not merely the preserve of some ‘special’ other.


As we evolve as humans, we are to regain that which was long since lost as a result of our decent into the physical form. Why? So that both states/faculties can coexist as one complete entity; spiritual vision as well as physical…resulting in a more enhanced state of perception. The physical eye merely sees the wall before it: spiritual vision sees, not only through it…to that which lies beyond, but the reason for its present existence, how long it will stand, and why it will be torn down (the past, present and future).

Prophecy is said to be a gift of the spirit: for my part, I prefer to think of it as a mark of spiritual attainment, earned through service to the Great Work; that which protects and liberates man from his present state of ignorance, in order to progress toward ever-increasing enlightenment…of his true status, as a sentient ‘being’ in relation to his Creator.


The accuracy of such visions help us safely navigate our life path, so as not to fall foul of impending dangers along the way. But then we have the opposite polarity, that of false prophets. Hence we must be careful to (as an example) ‘test ye the spirit…lest it be of God!’ Such are the times we are now in; the Age of Aquarius, the age of the mind—knowing one’s own mind, understanding it, expanding and enhancing its qualities toward a greater state of comprehension and awareness.


Just as we prepare the child for the fresh terrain of adult life, so then, as adults, do we prepare ourselves for the next stage…that of eternal life. For this too we need guidance…from those who have gone before us, in both time and space. Prophecy, therefore, is a natural constituent employed in the process of our continual, human journey of growth and enlightenment.

Tony Knight,