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Nostradamus...18th century
Nostradamus...18th century

As you have probably guessed, this page is for the purpose of ‘prophesy.’ And as we know, prophesy can come in many forms: symbols, dreams, day-dreaming, visions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

Now a prophecy—of course—may concern a relatively minor event, or else an event of much greater significance.

Okay, that’s obvious enough, I hear you say. But what bout having the nerve to make what ou ‘feel’ or ‘think’ to be a prophecy…public?

Well, on our Facebook page 'MidKnight Prophecy' you now get the rare chance to Air & Share such incidents you think just might be prophetic in their essence.

Those on our page don’t consider the matter of prophesy to be silly or stupid. Rather, They agree that many over the years—even in recent times—have prophesied many major incidents...which eventually came to pass! They also agree that the subject matter of prophecy is given--if one can but perceive the details--in whatever form they may be presented.


Finally, being ‘right or wrong’ is not the prime issue on our page since one cannot know, for sure, until much time has passed; unless 1. It’s something that happens within an event already taking place at a fixed point in time…say, for instance, the Glastonbury Festival, and 2. You were fortunate enough to be given a precise date—now that would be something! Also, it’s not about the sheer magnitude of what one might get/receive…more so the fact that one gets at least ‘something.’ That is a triumph in itself, especially if it turns out to be true! If we don’t try, we will never know….


So, anyway, here we go! I’m going start the ball rolling with the following:


Skellig Michael off the Southern Coast of Ireland

From MidKnight Prophecy.


Prophecy One-02/07/2013: New produces will be witnessed from those accursed on the food-front.


Prophecy Two-02/07/2013: A tyrannical outburst at a school on the last day—and there will be more!

Prophecy Three-29/06/2013: There is going to be a shocking Earth Quake where it is least expected, and many will have to begin again. It is on the South Coast of Ireland…and underwater cyclones spread along a Ley line of default. Many to be prepared!


Any other prophecies we receive shall be posted on this page.

 So…now we wait!


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MidKnight Prophecy Alert!


Less than 24 hours after we posted Prophecy Two-02/07/2013, we came accross this on the BBC World News. Click the link below.


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MidKnight Prophecy Alert!


17th July 2013. Okay people…concerning MidKnight Prophecy One: 02/07/2013: New produces will be witnessed from those accursed on the food-front.
                     Could it be relating to this news item? All comments welcome!


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New Prophecy

Prophecy Four - 08/07/2013:


Anarchy on the French Coast of Geneva...Pirates retaliate on the innocent!

Trouble in Paradise?

New Prophecy? July 31st 4,30 pm 2013

I can’t claim any credit for this one, since it was a short, passing remark by the ‘Hierarchy.’


There is to be an atrocity that takes place in a little-heard of, seemingly insignificant, Country 50 kilometres off the east coast of Africa...called Zanzibar.


So, what of it? you may ask. Well, apart from the fact that it’s an island paradise popular with honeymooners, the late Freddie Mercury—of ‘Queen’—was born in its capitol, Stone City. Also, the late Princess Diana’s designer, Farouque Abdillahi, originated from there. It gained independence from Britain in 1963 (and shortly thereafter suffered the same fate as India in 1947 just after it gained independence from the British Empire...genocide). The community is 99% Muslim...with about 1% Christian, who (it has been reported) have had to build a stone wall over ten feet high around their Assemblies of God Church on the outskirts of the capitol, to protect it from further attacks, since other Christian churches have already been attacked and set fire to.

So, if you happen to be Christian or Muslim it matters...since the indigenous want sole independence from mainland Tanzania too.


The world is fast changing, people! Haven’t you noticed?

MidKnight Prophecy Alert!


08/08/2013 Check out this news Sky News video link. Concernig the above prophecy about Zanzibar. I’m sure you will find it of interest.


New Prophecy

7th Aug 2013


Hi! It’s me again, with more insights into the present time; one of progressive change on this our planet of divided loyalties amongst mankind.


1. The gladiatorial arena can be seen of others all around, and at precious cost.

2. Liverpool, England, has reason for uprisings!


3. One by one, cities in the world show their discontent. Bolivia is heading for much trouble, starting with a stabbing that shocks. All around there is a peeling back, and only God’s children remain the strength in times to come. Leaks of yet more politicians’ angles for self-appraisal.


And that’s not all!


4. Corsica’s mainland crumbles, and uprisings in North Africa tell their toll as opposing belief systems are badly damaged!


(It seems, as usual, that religion becomes the proverbial stumbling block on the road to ‘individuality’; something we in the Western World have, for the most part, achieved. But what this individual ‘power’ also means is…there can be nowhere else to lay ‘blame,’ in the larger sense if things turn nasty: responsibility for all Karma—pleasant or unpleasant—now rests with the individual. 


Those of us who are happy to be led by governmental parties shall be subject to the Party’s Karma they voted for. So, unless voters reprimand their chosen representatives when and where, clearly, they are known to be in the wrong, then they also become accountable. Such an act is incumbent upon the voter to perform, serving as the in-built failsafe of a balanced democracy.


If one chooses not to act, verbally or otherwise, or is prevented from doing so by edict of the state, then such is not a democracy but a totalitarian state—where one can vote for a political party, but only so that party members can do whatever they like…whether you, the voter, likes it or not. And such is not individuality, nor freedom...but voluntary slavoury!)


Tony Knight



MidKnight Prophesy Alert 11/12/2004


Hi! It has been quite a while since MidKnight Prophesy has posted anything on its page.  I suppose one of the reasons why is that no one else has felt the impulse to contribute.  But that’s okay.  It is what it is.  And to have ‘expectations’ of something one has no divine ‘right’ to is a sure recipe for disappointment.  So I don’t…and I figure that way we can all remain friends. With that said, feel free to read on—if you wish.


Hello to one and all who feel impressed to read these words, spoken in somewhat different guise due to their importance concerning this time of flux; a transitional period in the wake of the seminal year of 2012 and all that has been attached to it regarding the Mayan Calendar, Biblical ‘end times,’ the destruction of the we know it, etc., etc.


Because there seems to be no singular, sudden, catastrophic event having landed itself upon us mere mortals as yet, many now seem to think that—like the Y2K Millennium Bug non-event in the year 2000—the prophetic predictions of 2012 were, for the most part, nothing but ‘hype’ and, therefore, should now be cast to the fate of selective amnesia.  But, in my humble opinion, it would be unwise to do so.  Why?  Well rather than go into the ins-and-outs of any evidence I might pose, better that the ‘Hierarchy’ of Spirit (who have granted me permission) give you an insight from their lofty vantage point: channelled on 30th October 2014...through C. J. Knight (Jennie)


Many grave truths abound that have not yet been held accountable, just as you are witnessing with foetuses of little children and the maniacal acts of ‘Bee-elzebub’ the form of ‘sacrifices’.


   It is to be understood, the plan of evolution, under the laws of all.  And let it be known that, even unto the foetus, just as you know the brain develops first, then, primarily, so is the ‘hearing’ developed—at three weeks pregnant—and begins to absorb, through its ‘passivity’ and  currents of the brain, ALL that is SAID, is FELT, is THOUGHT via the Mother!


  The Man of the times to come before the ‘New’ has already realised this (knows), which is why ‘Test tube’ phenomena is being grown from the point of ‘fertilization’ and ‘conception’—the true meaning of the ‘Artificial Intelligences’, since the biological components are needed to effect such: from conception, a suitable container provided in which to feed 'set' instructions into the ears of a Foetus now (due to its enforced, alien environment) devoid of a human—a Mother?  Thus begins its programming, and without the arrival of ‘consciousness’ at its vital time (since the Foetus is not in the womb) the programmed Humanoid machines are then succoured for—and in allegiance to—the power and domination of the New World Order.  Of course, some machines and grown organs and limbs will be accounted for in lieu of the needed replacements for the A.I. intelligences; ‘artificial’ as in void of contact of Love.


  It is prophesized there will be some that grow who will be drawn into areas that kindle the curiosity to ‘explore’.  And once their attention becomes curious of ‘humans’ being somewhat likened to themselves, this will ignite within them the ‘passion’ and ‘sense’ of emotions…and possibly Love. 


  Thus, much thought to appropriate what is taking place.  Man of today plays God of ‘tomorrow’ thus eradicating Humans with low ‘IQ’.  Their ‘evolvement status’ will be discarded by way of ‘germ warfare’—as in what is already taking place, though conveniently hidden.  A little is fed to the World, but is romanticised through the rigours of the War-wounded.


  Indeed, the New Earth for God’s children is close at hand, and it is wise not to think in ways of old.  Feed people with people laterally (as in reality programs): this way you would say no one will smell a rat.  Yet rodents are relevant, metaphorically.  There is much corruption in this World, and corruption is also a metaphor for ‘C’ and all things that are of a life-threatening source; which does not exclude people.  The indoctrination of all that is promoted ‘carcinogenic’ is deemed null and void.  Attacking elements are and have been everywhere, which is daunting upon occasions.  The redefined lines of the map of the World are becoming evident in the wake of this year.  Circumstances prevail as the horse’s rider pales not into significance but as a power risen that challenges all that is good.


  Now we have indulged you in this knowledge, pause in the digestion of the whole.


Archasius &The Zeitgeist





 Yes, much has befallen our world since 2012.  You just haven’t felt the full impact quite yet! Of course, you are perfectly entitled to disagree.  And that’s okay, too.  That’s the beauty of not being an Artificial Intelligence: you get the freedom to choose. Pretty won't!



MidKnight Prophesy


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