The Loudness Wars!

   Do you love music?   If you do, then you should read this!  

Amongst other things, it has great Spiritual significance.

Hi! Now I could go to all the trouble of trying to create an interesting page, and fill it with pretty pictures and catchy text trying to convince you of the importance of what the 'Loudness War' is all about and the negative impact it has upon music as a whole. But I'm not going to...! Instead, at the end of this docment I'm going to divert you to a dedicated 3 minute Youtube Video link that does a far better job than I ever could simply using text.


Now, I know at first glance this subject might not seem especially appealing. But when you take into consideration the 'spiritual' and 'physical health' implications upon the human being as a result of the music industries’ Loudness War, then one should be persuaded to take matters, at least, a bit more seriously...and realise, that all who listen to music are in the battle zone, whether they like it or not!


We're talking about something which affects us all, in terms of 'mood' (feelings), our ability to think (our state of mind) and, therefore, our ability to function normally. In an age where, at least to the youth, music and the entertainment industry is 'King,' it's not too much a stretch of one's imagination to realise the implications of Loudness War's impact upon our children's welfare.


Let me put it this way: The word 'UNIVERSE' means, One Song! And when you consider the fact that everything in the created universe has a 'frequency,' and therefore a 'resonance' (which equals sound), then you will realise that we humans also resonate as a frequency (consistent with a 'note'); that we, too, are music...sending out our individual note (sound) into the ethers, where other humans (and entities) either resonate with us, or else are repelled by our vibration. Is this starting to make any sense to you?


Of course, human beings are limited to a certain dynamic range, in terms of what we can distinguish with the ear (roughly 140 dB) but that doesn’t mean our mind and body do not detect, perceive, and therefore react to the myriad frequencies above and below this range. Ultra-low Bass sounds, for instance, tend to irritate many people; a low hum even more so. And who can stand the high pitch of constant screaming?


Well, this is just the raw edge of what reproduced music can (and does) do if not communicated in its natural state! So as not to baffle you, I won't even attempt to explain what happens to the music's wave forms due to the digital processing and compression techniques employed in MP3 & MP4 music formats. And, don't's youth have this plugged directly into their ears via smart phones, etc., so there is no air cushion to lessen the effects on the ears and brain. 


Myself having had previous experience in sound engineering and music production, here’s a clue for you: Haven’t you ever noticed how the sound of TV adverts appear louder during commercial breaks, or how a lot of popular music has a tendency to grate on you after a while? That’s called listening fatigue. Why? Because it is damaging some aspect of your natural vibration: you could say it was almost synthetic—and it is! It’s not the ‘real’ music, but a distorted version; one our children’s minds and bodies have been growing up on since the 1990’s.


To give you a clearer perspective: it is the equivalent of what has happened to natural foodstuffs; after processing, the resulting synthetic ‘junk’ food not only starves the body and mind of what they truly need in terms of nutrients, but cause all manner of malfunction and consequent illness as a result! In the words of Shakespeare: “If music be the food of Love…play on!” So there you have it: MUSIC feeds the soul--but with what?


Now, before you hit the link below and head off to the Youtube video I told you about, keep in mind the fact that when we use the term ‘Loud-ness Wars’ we are not referring to how high the ‘volume’ of a piece of music might be: no, we’re talking about what has been done to the ‘dynamic frequencies’ during the post-production phase of the original recording, by sound engineers. We are then force-fed the resulting ‘imitation’ in all areas of the media; through Television and Radio broadcasts, CD music, MP3 downdloads, etc.


Click on the picture below to take you to the Youtube video. You may be surprised at what you actually hear!

Then there's another link below: Kate Bush's -Experiment IV (1986): Thought provoking, stuff!


Thanks for reading!

Tony Knight, at  SpiritualJourneyman


Food for thought!


Okay, maybe your not too concerned about human exposure. After all, they can look after themselves...can't they? But what about animals..., marine life, for instance! See and hear what actor Pierce Brosnan has to say about the damage being done to dolphins and whales etc., by the careless use of "~SOUND~"