About Spiritual Healing

If you are here it is because you already recognise there is more to healing the Human body--and Mind--than merely forcing it to ingest inorganic, often toxic, man-made chemicals, whether by way of pills or injections. Even if some of them are supplements, they, of themselves, are not always the complete answer. 

Another View Of Health

The Body's Energy Systems

You will, of course, know that apart from our organic, physical carriage we also possess two other main subtler bodies, namely, the etheric and astral bodies. You will also be aware that our energy vortices, Chakras (7 main, and 49 others besides), are responsible for the correct functioning of those bodies, and that any disturbance or blockage to any of these energy centres will, in time, affect the overall functioning of the physical; since they are all inextricably linked., Such is why chemical drugs alone are not always the total answer to many of our physical, psychological problems and infirmities.

The Seven Main Chakras

This is where the value of ‘spiritual healing’ comes into play. It is primarily concerned with treating those areas which conventional medication does not. Okay, spiritual healing it won’t fix a broken bone, or kill a virus—at least not directly, anyway. But where there are ‘conditions’ which conventional medicine fails to detect, let alone solve, such is likely to be as a result of subtler, invisible, causes; and this is where the value and efficacy of spiritual healing comes into its own, since it deals more so with the discarnate, energy, aspect of one’s make-up, as opposed to the chemical....



Also, the wonderful thing about spiritual healing is that one doesn’t have to believe in it to benefit from it! For instance, there are many who do not believe in ESP (extra-sensory perception), but those who have it (which is most of us) continue to benefit from its obvious, paranormal, value as a natural part of our individual and collective existence.



Also, animals are known to benefit tremendously from Spiritual healing…and it’s not a case of them believing, or not. It just simply works!

Absent spiritual healing can, in fact, be more effective than when a patient is present, because the patient’s resistance (possibly through lack of belief) does not then deliberately set up a defensive energy barrier. Such a state would serve only block all attempts to rebalance negatively affected energies (blocked meridians, for instance) in order that the physical energy systems become sufficiently well calibrated to repair and heal the ‘negative’ condition. Spiritual healing can be effected remotely by the healer, along with the help of discarnate intelligences—energy beings—qualified in such matters and whose purpose it is to aid in these affairs. Some will call them 'spirit guides,' others…'spirit doctors,' since some of them may well have been in the medical profession during one of their incarnations in the physical world.


Nevertheless, such collaboration can and does work wonders! It is perfectly compatible with conventional medicine—providing that such medication is not destructive, either by way of wrong diagnosis or else damaging side-effects. Spiritual healing  itself has no such side-effects! Also, it is not to be confused with Reiki, Magnetic or Faith healing practices, which operate on different principles to that of Spiritual healing.




Our Spiritual Healing Service

We at SpiritualJourneyman have been healers for many years and provide a Spiritual healing service in return for a good-will donation of whatever sum people feel happy to give. All proceeds go into a Healing fund, which is  then distributed according to others’ needs.

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