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We at SpiritualJourneyman have thought long and hard about how best to approach these particular pages concerning ‘Spiritual Healing’ because there is more to the process of healing than the act of merely ‘putting your penny/cent in the slot—so to speak—and getting instant healing out of the other end (If only we could…, eh?). But, of course, there’s much more to the healing process than that, my friends! Some symptoms may have taken any number of years to flourish into the present, debilitating condition one may have; and so it doesn’t necessarily follow that the resulting ailment can be undone overnight, if indeed at all.


You see…we are dealing with a banking up of energies which, by their nature, are not conducive to the body’s naturally healthy state, and so it requires a different/alternative energy-type input to change the present status-quo—that which we term as ‘a poor health condition’, whatever form it may presently be taking. (Sorry I can’t describe it in any simpler terms.)


The point I am trying to make is this: Energy isn’t cheap. You will know this by the extraordinarily high cost of your utility energy bills—your gas, electric, etc. You will also notice that it’s not that the energy isn’t already there, in great abundance; it’s the expense of first locating it, harnessing that energy, possibly having to refine it, and then getting it to you in the quantities you need—minus the corporate greed!


That, in a sense, is what we as Spiritual Healers do…but, in an ideal world, with the patient’s co-operation. And ‘co-operation’ is the core component I wish any prospective Healing List persons to focus upon should they wish to apply for healing and inclusion on our Healing List. And there is also a very good reason for this: it’s not because of publicity, but because all those on the list share one thing in common—all have a ‘poor health condition’ of one description or another! In that description there lies ‘equality’: no Good, no Bad…White or Black, Christian, Jew or atheist, etc. There is, instead, an 'at-one-ment.'


Therefore, being equal, each person/member on the list is at liberty to take a moment or two, for the benefit of all members, to send out—from the heart—a pure thought (a ‘wish’, if you like); one that is devoid of all expectation other than being a simple, religion-free, request for the healing of all other members on the Healing List.


Take a quiet moment, glance over the names on our Healing List then, in your mind’s eye, Parcel your thought, sign it, and then send it through the ethers with Unconditional Love, to SpiritualJourneyman’s Logo. That will ensure we receive your energy. By the way…our Logo, ‘Liber Extol’, stands for ‘Freedom Celebrated!’


Okay, now for the the ‘why?’ The contribution of such energy into a ‘central bank’ (if you like) will serve as a reservoir from which to generate ever-increasing levels of healing-force energy. This pure energy (light) will be invested in the healing process that we shall initiate for all those members on our list, each according to their individual needs. 1. Such will help safeguard us healers (at SpiritualJourneyman) from ‘burning out’ through sheer overload and consequent drain upon our personal energy resources, and 2. When a person ‘gives freely’, without expectation of reward, only then are they in a position to ‘truly receive’. That way, no one loses…but everyone gains! And there is no cost, since what you gave out…you get back. And let’s face it, you can’t give this to yourself; if you could…you wouldn’t be here reading this!


Now you might say, “it all sounds suspiciously like a system”…and you wouldn’t be entirely mistaken in thinking that. However, this science adopts spiritual protocols in accordance with Universal Law, and there is a fundamental difference between what we incorporate and what 'mechanical' man employs. Our ‘currency’ is that of The Christ Vibration. Our workforce consists of those discarnate entities we refer to as ‘The Hierarchy’, all of who are in service to that which is the Cosmic Christ—as are we! We all, as a brotherhood in the truest sense, are complicit in The Great Work at hand.


Any person wishing to be healed of some condition of ‘dis-ease’ is not, in any way, required to submit to any feature of SpiritualJourneyman’s beliefs. Don’t forget…it’s not about religious belief. It’s not even about SpiritualJourneyman; it’s about each individual, you, on the basis of non-discrimination and equal acceptance.


Don’t you see? If it’s going to work to maximum efficiency, then the energy has to be pure…free from all contaminants—all traces of hate, greed, pride, self-preference over others, false assumptions and suspicions.


The ‘Ego’—being the wily, skilful, negotiator that it is—may well suggest all manner of reasons to your ‘mind’ as to why you should not subscribe to any of these ideas and practices. Why? Well, because it loves its ‘comfort zone’; it feels a measure of safety there, regardless of any amount of discomfort caused to your physical as a result. You see, your Ego is not your spirit, nor is it your physical body; therefore, it does not feel that pain and so it’s not in the least bit bothered—it is, by nature, selfish. Thus, because it can be at variance with the subtle intelligence that ‘knows’ (your ‘higher self’) it can cause you to experience mental discomfort; pain of the mind. The Ego wants to close it down, when the spirit actually wants to open it up. It’s just that, usually, the Ego has been in the driving seat for so long that it has, by far, the loudest voice and highest measure of 'control'.


If you’re still reading this article, hopefully you are beginning to understand why it seems to go on, and on. It is no easy task conveying what needs to be explained in just a few simple words. But to give you some relief I will wrap this up now, in the hope it is sufficient for your acceptance. In concluding, I will say just this: that one might claim the air we breathe to be God, whilst another might claim it to be life itself and that there is no god. Yet the air does not discriminate between these two notions, or indeed any other…. It takes no offence, rather, continuing to be available to believer and non-believer alike. It is non-judgemental, withholding from none, continually supplying its life-sustaining forces to all living souls alike, regardless of its hiddenness. Such is the nature of the Healing Forces and Intelligences we employ, which are of myriad variety, borne of Love and Light, of The Cosmic Christ Consciousness, which is, itself, born of The Living God.


Thank you for reading.


Tony Knight, of SpiritualJourneyman.com


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