What Is The Fullness Of Sorrow?


I had a walk with pleasure; she chatted all the way

But she left me none the wiser, for all she had to say.

I walked a mile with sorrow, and not a word said she.

But oh, the many things I learned when sorrow walked with me.





The dictionary meaning of ‘sorrow’ says: ‘mental anguish or suffering, especially because of injury or loss.’ But is it? Sorrow consists in losing something, but this is not sorrow. Does sorrow have a power? Maybe, or maybe not! Sorrow is backed up by ‘reasons’, but the ‘reasons’ too are illusory. They have to be so, otherwise we would walk around feeling sorrowful all the time.


With sorrow, often there comes an overflowing of powers. Sometimes it can be something that is taken from us, something that we thought would always be there and could be depended upon yet, suddenly, it is gone! And it doesn’t always have to be an external reason. Such a power can be creative if we would realise. But sorrow becomes so unbearable; we do not realise that, actually, we can take advantage of this power, and so neglect to claim such unto ourselves because the feeling can be so unbearable.


The powers of sorrow express very little to us, almost as though it pounces on us from behind and wraps itself around us. Then we seem to clutch around as though in darkness. Sorrow cannot speak to us in words, but reaches out to us with feeling. Thus we flee from it, afraid to meet it face on. The more we run from it in an aimless state the more likely it is that it catches up with us and presses itself against us, without a word. The thing is, because we never enter it we never realise that this darkness is but a dark robe that brings us comfort. The thing that comforts us…is the Spirit. The darkness felt of the sorrow is because of the loss of ‘words’.


Can we embrace sorrow in this knowing? Can we allow Spirit to comfort? If we can…, can we then allow the darkness to be transformed into the light that may then lift us, and heal us. Can we then become stronger individuals because of this? Then may it be so, that we may walk with courage and with the ‘knowing’ that we have been touched by ‘the divine’.






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