General Card Reading/Consultation

Welcome! Many of my personal clients come for a one-to-one general reading, the duration of which lasts anywhere from 40 - 90 minutes, dependent upon (a) the level of activity going on in their lives, and (b) whether they are in need of counselling on some matter of particular importance, regarding love life, health, close family relations, work, a bereavement, their spirituality, self-esteem—the list goes on. However, in terms of time, this internet service is slightly scaled down so as to make it a more viable option for those who cannot physically get to me and also those for whom, in this time of Global austerity, finances are somewhat ‘tight’.


Spirit usually know what the querents’ needs are well beforehand, and my job, of course, is to communicate what they have to say on the matter. As a result, an aspect of mediumship tends to be included as a matter of course, since loved ones who have passed over usually take this perfect opportunity to make themselves known, wishing also to communicate their concern and/or advice.


As part of this service you can ask one question of particular importance to you, which I shall endeavour to answer. But because answers can sometimes be complex and time-consuming, only one question per session can be entertained.      Caroline


General Tarot Card Reading

Personal reading, written, inclusive of one specific question. This will be sent to you by way of email.


NOTE: Picture is for advertisement purposes only. Cards are not included.


Whilst going through the billing process, you will see a ‘notes’ box. If there is any situation of particular concern to you that you would like me to look into…then write it there, including your one question. However, if you prefer to entrust matters to spirit—which many clients do—then just write your question, and ‘they’ will handle the rest.




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General Tarot Reading/Mediumship via Skype


A Personal one-to-one reading with me, inclusive of one specific question, arranged by way of Skype appointment.

This is a scaled down service for those who, for whatever reason, can't get to see me in person.





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