Questions and Answers Service

This is where you can ask me a specific question regarding some personal matter of importance to you at this point in your life: for example, Family, Health, Work, Love, and Spirituality.


However, it has to be said that whilst I will ‘link’ to ascertain what the ‘Hierarchy’ (my guides and helpers) have to say on the matter, it does not naturally follow that the answer they give will be the one you want to hear. The Hierarchy speak as they see fit and appropriate, in accordance with the truth of the matter—which, from their vantage point, is paramount since they take it for granted the truth is what you wish to hear.


Please note: should that which you seek to know refer to someone else’s private situation, say, a non-family member or work colleague, then, depending upon the nature of the subject matter, answers may not be forthcoming should the Hierarchy not think it prudent to comment, on the grounds of ‘infringement’ upon the privacy of another’s affairs. But don’t worry! You can be sure that whatever is said will, by its nature, be pertinent and of value.


The reply/answer will be delivered to you by way of email, the content of which shall be in terms of quality, not necessarily quantity. This means…the subject matter cannot be quantified merely in terms of some preconceived number of words one chooses to find as acceptable but, rather, what those words actually have to say.


Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  Caroline


Questions & Answers


Ask me one specific question of concern to you. This does not include any additional subject matter unrelated to the question. However, any other information having relevance to the question at hand will be included as a matter of natural consequence. 


Note: pictures are suggestive, only.

Questions & Answers, by way of Email


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