Through the Mediumship of Caroline Knight in 2009


Concerning 2012


The Hierarchy tell me that: This world is ready for changes, which will be coming in very strongly from the year 2012, on. For those who continue to upset ‘God’s Children’, they will be going back home to Spirit...regardless of what age they are. So you will be hearing of a lot of ‘passings’, and under circumstances which you would never have thought likely; though, such is all under God and Spirit's plan. Just like those who mock our belief and way of life: they, too, will be taken to task!


It has started already, albeit for now only on a slow level. But then, as we get closer to 2012 there will be increasingly more…. At the year’s ending the Earth will be entering, and passing through, what is known as the ‘Photon Belt’ in outer space. At the point of entry most of us will experience a momentary, mild, electric shock. (To those sensitive enough, that is how it will feel.)


The purpose of this phenomenon is to align our invisible, spiritual, bodies for a subtle spiritual strengthening; whereby the very structure of our DNA will gradually change, in accordance with God and Spirit’s plans for humanity as a whole. Those young, and those being born, are already being worked upon: but us ‘golden oldies’--ooh, sorry… ‘youngies’—will, unfortunately, feel some measure of aches and pains around this time because there are certain of those in the Spirit Worlds charged with the task of moulding our ‘etheric’ and ‘astral’ bodies, in order that they be fit to take on the ‘New’ state of ‘being’ in the New Aeon.


Concerning those who choose to believe there is nothing beyond physical life (for instance, they who believe ‘when you’re dead, you’re dead!'); those who have no belief in any afterlife or greater ‘Being’ than themselves, such persons will remain untouched by this phenomenon since, rather, they have chosen stagnancy and so they will ‘pass’ over to spirit at any cost! This sounds a little drastic I know, but it will be so.


For those of us who make it through--with the help and guidance afforded us by Spirit--we shall become all the stronger for it; fit and able to continue upon our path of destiny in order to perform the chosen work--that for which we were born.