How did 2013 affect You?

There were So many guesses about what the year 2012 might have heralded; so many fanciful possibilities; so many tentative scientific hypotheses-some true, others not.  Yet there are those of us who actually do know what took place...on an energy level, at least!

Just as there were those who saw the present global financial crisis coming from a long way off, then, there are others of us who not only saw, but warned of this time; the ending not of the world, but an epoch: in my particular case, since the early 80's (83, to be exact). And we didn't need analytical economists and scientists working with latter-day, man-made, models to tell us. 

Anyway, now those same people I told then come back and ask me: 'what's happening to peoples' lives?' 'What is going on with the world? And I say to them: 'exactly what I told you 29 years ago!'

Well people, what's your 'take' on 2013 - The inception of the Age Of Aquarius?


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