Some very telling information about ‘Sound’

Do your!
Do your!


Sounds and harmonic pitches in which we immerse ourselves, for instance, at the New year’s party we so look forward to, means that the next year will be one of ‘sound’ self - destruction. Sounds weird at first, doesn’t it! However, there are particular notes which, whether sung or played on an instrument, can destroy our own inherent harmony and can be, eventually, the direct cause of illness and suffering.


Every note is a vibration which is absorbed by our senses and hence into our being. Music or a song can relax you, make you joyful, glad or mad. Hard rock (or acid rock) interferes with the heart rhythm and the digestion: but it also does worse than this, it also stimulates glands which, in normal circumstances, produce biochemical substances in response to fear and anger. As a consequence, those who listen to hard rock are more easily scared and/or moved to anger than are those who listen to classical music.


A music teacher in Gotenburg, Sweden, interviewed 2,000 pupils, many of whom said that when their ‘stereo system’ broke down and they had no hard rock to listen to, they could not handle the silence. They underwent withdrawal symptoms comparable to those experienced by drug addicts and alcoholics: for example, anxiety, negative thoughts, depression and extreme pain.


In the early Seventies some people put soft-boiled eggs in the front of the stage. Here, exposed to rock music, they became hard boiled within the hour. But none of those kids had the presence of mind to translate this phenomenon into what these same vibrations were doing to their bodies.


In 1969 Dorothy Retallack of Denver, U.S.A., proved that plants placed into a chamber in which classical music by Haydn, Schubert, Bach and others was played, grew towards the speaker. One plant even embraced it. In an adjacent chamber, rock music was played. In that case the plants actually tried to get as far away from the speakers as possible. Some even attempted to climb out. Further experiments showed that rock music caused marigold plants to grow abnormally high, but then, within a fortnight they had all died!


Other experiments have shown, that mice which could choose between two identical boxes, but with different styles of music connected to them, all chose Bach rather than hard rock. When the music was swapped over from one box to the other, the mice changed boxes too.


So there we have it: Plants and animals demonstrate the extent to which everything is affected by everything, especially music.