Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, United Kingdom
Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, United Kingdom


So, you have found me...and I have found you.  Welcome!

This website is the acorn from which I am hoping a large Oak tree of spiritual knowledge and awareness shall flourish.


It is to become a place of collective knowledge, for one and all: much of it gained over my many years in service to the Great Work at hand for the benefit of all those who dare step beyond the illusion that is physical, material life...merely the mirror-effect of spirit!


Providing you have Love, Compassion and Mercy in your heart, then all you need is courage...and the conviction which bids you 'take that final step' which puts you upon the 'middle path' towards evolutionary growth and enlightenment!


However, there is no expectation of you, nor is there any judgement of you since none of us are perfect...and tolleration is key to any form of Spiritual growth. Therefore, your visit here is as welcome and valid as anyones.

But remember, as always in life, "It's your call!" 


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Caroline Knight AKA  SpiritualJourneyman 


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The Journey to Paradise begins in the Heart!

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